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CAB-E Media

CAB-E Media, creating black all new electric cab campaigns for the best of British brands with the iconic London black cab.

CAB-E Media is a fast-growing out of home advertising partner to Walpole and the go-to provider for luxury - creating stand-out highly visual campaigns to complement all other platforms including digital for maximum impact.

CAB-E Media has seen a dramatic resurgence in demand for “cabtivating brands”, delivering a cost-efficient, smart, highly targeted advertising medium for an affluent consumer.

With the world’s eyes on London, increased visitor numbers to the city mean that physical OOH advertising is enjoying a huge surge with Walpole members seeking exposure as London visitor numbers grow from across the UK and overseas. 

CAB-E Media is mindful of the environment and supporting their cabbies who are at the heart of both the company and respected as one of the oldest professions in London.

Drone videography, stills and reels, to provide exciting, engaging content is produced by the creative team at CAB-E Media. 

Deliver your brand to the hailing hand!


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