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The world is changing and affluent consumers are changing with it; goals, expectations, dreams and desires have evolved. The priorities of high-end travellers are less about where and what they can do and more about who they can be. A satisfying journey isn’t simply a five star hotel and first class flights; it’s about emotion, fulfilment, reward and ultimately happiness. As with any luxury brand, heritage, craftsmanship and service comes as standard with Carrier, but when you travel with ‘the Luxury Operator of the Year’, you’ll discover humanity and creativity are at the very heart of our culture. Described as a visionary brand and credited by Condé Nast Traveller as having an almost uncanny sixth sense when it comes to curating holidays. Whether it’s access to the most prestigious suites in the world’s best hotels, securing a private jet to attend the Grand Prix, polar bear trekking with elite expedition leaders or an escape to your very own Maldivian private island, everything is planned to perfection.

Since 1980, we have created experiences which are works of art, brought to life through a deeper customer connection and a close network of facilitators and connectors. Every journey will be beautiful, not just in an aesthetic way but in a truly authentic way. It will also be purposeful, crafted uniquely and creatively to meet the individual needs and desires of each and every traveller, opening minds to the awe-inspiring possibilities our world has to offer.  and with royalty and celebrities amongst our clients, Carrier’s discreet, attentive and bespoke service is held in the highest regard – every need, every preference and every whim is catered for. 

 In this digitally savvy age, Carrier offers a personable and personalised approach beyond the capabilities of technology. The vision of the brand is to inspire, tailoring experiences to the type of traveller our clients are or long to be. The people at the heart of our business are driven by this same purpose; it’s about how we make people feel.