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Christys' Hats

At Christys’ London, craft is key. Since its founding in 1773, now celebrating its 250th year, Miller Christy’s passion for impeccable quality and skilled craftsmanship has passed through generations of hatmakers, safeguarding Christys’ red and gold insignia as a symbol synonymous with fine traditionally crafted hats.

Christy & Co Ltd has been manufacturing fine hats in England since 1773. Today, it still produces its hats using traditional methods at our factory in Oxfordshire, England. The journey is such that its craftsmen and women train for many years to develop their hatting skills, and Christys’ pride themselves on the unique craftsmanship still applied to their hat making.

Official helmet manufacturer of the UK Police Force for two centuries.

Christys’ stands as the Godfather of British hat making – not least since its Homburg hat was worn by Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone, as was the iconic ‘Poet Adventurer Hat’ worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies.

The cult of Christys’ is recognisable throughout cinema, fashion, music and politics, amassing an eclectic lineup of wearers from Winston Churchill to Kate Moss, Indiana Jones to Brad Pitt.

Today’s hat collection embraces the very best of Christys’ heritage and traditional hat making skills and is constantly developing its collection to make it relevant for today’s market. Whilst methods have remained largely unchanged and heritage is paramount, it is the capacity to transcend trends and social borders that makes Christys’ hats as sought after as ever.

Above all else it is Christys’ traditional hat making skills with its timeless styles. that provide a winning combination which makes a Christys’ Hat a much coveted accessory. 

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