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The Dalmore

Founded in 1839 on the banks of the Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands, The Dalmore has been making masterpieces of whisky for over 180 years.

The 12-point silver stag adorning each bottle was bestowed upon the first chieftain of Clan Mackenzie in 1263 by King Alexander III of Scotland. The stag became the whisky’s emblem when two descendants of the clan, brothers Charles and Andrew Mackenzie, took over the distillery in 1867.

The idiosyncratic collection of stills at Dalmore creates a unique New Make Spirit – robust and fruity, particularly well-suited for longer and more complex maturation. This allows the whisky makers to ensure every drop of precious spirit reaches its full potential, carefully curating the maturing whisky in rare casks sourced from some of the world’s greatest bodegas and wineries.

Complex multi-cask maturation was a philosophy pioneered and perfected by the Mackenzie, and continued today. For almost 200 years, The Dalmore has been led by an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers, always pushing boundaries to mature our spirit in the rarest and most exalted of casks – enhancing and complementing the distinctive house style of chocolate, orange, and spice flavours.

The Dalmore is one of the world’s most desirable spirits, available in the finest locations around the globe. The distillery creates a variety of expressions across a range of age statements, with the rare and aged limited releases highly sought after by spirits enthusiasts and collectors.

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