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Difference Coffee

Difference Coffee is a paragon of luxury and sustainability, recognized globally for its exceptional quality and commitment to environmental stewardship. As a Climate Positive company, Difference Coffee not only offers an exquisite coffee experience but also ensures its practices contribute positively to the planet. The brand’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its esteemed clientele, gracing prestigious establishments in the realm of luxury hospitality.

Esteemed venues such as The Dorchester, Harrods The Penthouse, and the exclusive Harry’s Bar choose Difference Coffee to elevate their guests' experience. The brand's reputation for quality extends to the culinary world, with its coffee being a choice of distinction in Michelin-starred restaurants like the 3-starred Sketch in London and Piazza Duomo in Italy, among many other revered establishments. This illustrious clientele underscores Difference Coffee's status as a symbol of luxury and refinement in the coffee industry.

Complementing its premium offerings, Difference Coffee is deeply committed to environmental responsibility. Through a strategic partnership with Podback, the brand offers a comprehensive recycling service, ensuring that each used coffee capsule is processed with the utmost care for the environment. This initiative aligns the brand’s luxurious offerings with a conscientious approach to sustainability, offering consumers a coffee experience that is both indulgent and responsible.

In every cup, Difference Coffee harmonizes the art of exceptional coffee with a profound respect for the planet, making it a beacon of luxury, quality, and sustainability in the global coffee landscape.

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