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The Warehouse, 12 Ravensbury Terrace
SW18 4RL
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The eto story began in 2012 when award-winning designer Tom Cotton had the ambition to reduce wine waste and enhance the drinking experience for wine enthusiasts around the world. The result was eto. A handcrafted wine decanter featuring an award-winning preservation design that maintains the wine’s flavour by preventing oxidation. Combining elegant style with outstanding function, eto is the perfect accessory for wine lovers. 

Eto’s preservation system is beautifully simple. When the neck is pushed down, eto’s patented design seals the wine, significantly slowing down the oxidation process. Before launching in 2019, eto underwent rigorous testing. Both laboratory results and wine connoisseurs agreed that wine stored in eto for seven days tasted just as good as if poured from a freshly opened bottle. 

The eto decanter is made to last. Featuring hand-finished stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the long funnel gently oxygenates the wine to release its flavours and the curved spout provides drip-free pouring. Fitting neatly inside a standard fridge door, eto is also ideal for storing chilled wine. 

Eto is available in seven finishes, with stainless steel, gold, copper and brass in mirror or satin. And there is also the option to add a personalised engraving, making eto the perfect gift for wine-enthusiasts.

The name eto (rhyming with Dolcetto) is reference to Tom’s proud Welsh roots. Meaning “again” in Welsh, it’s recognition of his aspiration for the same bottle of wine to be enjoyed again and again without foregoing flavour and quality.