Feldspar create ‘objects for life’ - beautiful things made properly and to last, with an elegant and simple aesthetic to weather the trends of time. Jeremy and Cath Brown began by making a mug for coffee - with a wonky profile to sit perfectly in the hand (mugs are only cylindrical because they are easier to make that way) and a fine handle hand-painted in a deep Cobalt blue to echo the palette of classic chinaware. Feldspar use a traditional method called 'slip casting' - pouring liquid clay into plaster moulds – to make their wares. Mould making, slip-casting and industrial bone china production are all listed as critically endangered crafts by the Heritage Crafts Association in the UK. Anxious to preserve the skills and craft required to keep bone china production going in England, Feldspar now have two workshops in Devon as well as working closely with a family run pottery in Stoke on Trent. Their timeless collections now include everything from plates and bowls to lampshades and vases, available in a range of colours including exclusive colour collections for Fortnum and Mason and The Conran Shop among others.

Feldspar’s modern and elegant bone china has been featured in World of Interiors, House & Garden, Kinfolk and The Atlantic to name a few. Their handmade ceramic collections are sold in leading design retailers across the globe from London to Seoul and are used in select luxury hotels. Recently launched items include a range of lidded mugs with saucers and a range of pendant shades and ceiling roses - all handmade in fine bone china.