Fleming & Howland
Bridgewater Close, Kestrel Court
Burnley, Lancashire
BB11 5TE
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Fleming & Howland

Fleming & Howland are the creators of the world’s best-known British sofa and chair design, the iconic Chesterfield. This highly distinctive visual design has been preserved using the same techniques since its origins over two centuries ago. As a small cottage industry, the family migrated from the forests of High Wycombe to the plains of Lancashire where it quietly operates under an exclusive direct to consumer business model. Trends come and go, fashions change with the seasons, but quality and style are eternal. And so in their nearly 250 year history, the family has always resisted the temptation to indulge in short-lived, fast fashion. That’s why you will rarely see Fleming & Howland on the high street.

A Fleming & Howland client will know that their hand‐dyed leathers are not machine made. The colouring process is both science and an art. Dyes are mixed and gently massaged into the leather which is then allowed to dry. This process is repeated at least six times to ensure a beautifully toned finish. The result is a leather that isn’t just incredibly supple, but transmits a distinctive, warm natural fragrance. Best of all, the dyes result in a natural aging process that improves the look of the leather over time and use. The technique is highly skilled, and highly unpredictable, but the resultant patina is one of the most unique and radiant colours with an almost three‐dimensional finish. Skills, dedication, passion and art combined into one. It is ultimately what makes Fleming & Howland different to the rest.


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