Heirlooms Ltd
2 Arun Business Park
Bognor Regis
P022 9SX
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Nestled in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex, England, the Heirlooms brand has become synonymous as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine quality bed, table and bathroom linens.

For over 40 years the company has remained true to their founding principles, combining the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create linens of exceptional quality and lasting beauty. This is reflected in their mix of discerning clients who value quality, excellence in manufacturing, and customer service.

For the last two decades Heirlooms have been committed to sustainable practises and continues to collaborate with their supply chain to provide leadership and guidance on ways to reduce carbon emissions along with environmental and social responsibility. 

With a strong creative element, Heirlooms are unique in what they offer their clients. The ultimate goal is to design and manufacture exceptionally comfortable products that complement and enhance the overall interior décor. Their vast experience collaborating with leading yacht and residential designers has cumulated in an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to make the journey of linen design an enjoyable one!

Quality of materials and creativity are two key pillars. Of equal importance are the incredible skills within their dedicated manufacturing team. That sense of pride is reflected in the craftsmanship and teamwork that goes into every product with social responsibility being at the heart of the company. 

Good quality bed linens are not just a luxury; their comfort, craftmanship, durability and customisation make them a must-have for clients to have a restful night’s sleep.