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Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Lauren Dickinson Clarke stands as a beacon of rebellion in the world of design and fragrance. Recognised for its collection of expressive art prints and tableware, it's the "Moody Muse" scented candles that truly set the brand apart in the fragrance world. Each candle, uniquely characterised by its signature 'hat', fragrance, and expressive design, celebrates real-life muses—those audacious women who dared to defy and dazzle.

The brand's mission is clear: to embolden individuals to embrace their peculiarities, and in doing so, to reshape the very essence of the ordinary. Through their pieces, tales of defiant, brilliant women come alive, reminding all of the power of embracing one's quirks and imperfections.

Pushing boundaries and setting new standards, Lauren Dickinson Clarke's tableware is used in hotels world wide including the Four Seasons. The brand's hallmark, however, remains its pioneering spirit in the fragrance domain, earning them the title of 'rebels' of the fragrance world.

In a realm often limited by convention, Lauren Dickinson Clarke persistently challenges, innovates, and inspires, ensuring that with each product, artistry and audacity shine unabated.

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