Luxury Promise

Luxury Promise is a social, commerce-driven luxury resale platform with a global focus, sourcing items from all over the world and nurturing a community of avid shoppers across the globe, with offices in London, Dubai, New York and Singapore, and an international live shopping network. Launched by female entrepreneur Sabrina Sadiq in 2017, the company’s mission is to democratise access to sought-after preloved items – whether its customers are avid collectors or dipping their toe into the luxury resale market for the very first time, there's something for everyone. Luxury Promise was the first resale platform in the world to introduce live shopping shows as a sales channel on its website, thus reinventing e-commerce as a luxury resale platform – customers can ask questions in real-time, browse products and purchase through the Luxury Promise website, with Sabrina and her team of luxury specialists on hand to provide advice and expertise. Luxury Promise has also launched their flagship store in Central London in January 2023. Deemed the world’s first luxury resale department store, complete with a rare handbags museum, live show studios and state-of-the-art authentication hubs. 

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