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Oliver Burns Studio

Oliver Burns Studio is an award-winning luxury architectural interior design studio. A global force in design, where beauty and function combine to deliver ‘Thoughtful Luxury’. The team work on the world’s finest interiors across residential, marine, aviation and hospitality, from listed heritage buildings through to lakeside villas and beyond.

Their ethos of ‘Thoughtful Luxury’ is evident at every stage of the design process, bought to life by the way they curate, collaborate and narrate, creating designs that go beyond the aesthetic. Collaborating with world-renowned artisans and craftsmen, the studio delivers elegant, quietly luxurious spaces that are felt, rather than formulaic.

With such dedication and attention to detail, each project is given the exceptional level of service that it deserves, resulting in the studio becoming a trusted advisor for the world’s most affluent families, ultra-prime developers, luxury brands, and commercial clients.

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