Brand Snapshot | Charbonnel et Walker’s Miniature Paper Theatres

Charbonnel et Walker’s new Christmas collection is inspired by Victorian Miniature Paper Theatres.

Toy theatres also known as ‘Juvenile Drama’ were hugely popular in England in the 19th century and collected by adults and children alike. Every successful production staged in London’s West End would be reproduced in miniature. Nearly every major European country, as well as the United States, developed its own tradition of paper theatre during the 19th century and into the early 20th century.

Back to a by gone era and more than just a toy, these paper theatres allowed children to expand their imaginations bringing a visual and magical entertainment into the home.

The Charbonnel et Walker Christmas collection re-visits this theme with a series of beautiful stage settings and theatrical designs.

The paper characters are brought to life across their celebrated fine milk and dark chocolate assortments, milk sea salt praline and milk sea salt caramel crackers and cracker drums, traditional port and cranberry truffles and a truly delightful chocolate advent calendar.

As with the paper theatres of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Charbonnel et Walker Christmas collection is designed to bring fantasy, joy and a sense of wonder as magical gifts at this festive time of year.