It’s over 10 years since the first Bremont Martin-Baker (MB) watch was released; a design born of the challenge to create a unique piece for pilots that had ejected using Martin-Baker ejection seats.
29th Apr 2020
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It has become something of an icon in the worlds of civilian and military aviation. Whilst additional MB variations have been introduced along the way, the original design on which they’ve all been based hasn’t been updated - until now.

Updating a classic: THE ICONIC MBII

As well as refining both white and black dial MBII models, a new blue dialled version has been added. The new dial design boasts bolder and more readable hands, a more contemporary styling of the numerals and a cleaner look with the removal of the day function. A newly designed case back is inset with a bronze coloured ‘military challenge coin’, historically used to represent membership of a unit/elite group of people or service on a specific tour of duty. Housed inside is a new movement design alteration with a more shock resistant automatic bridge. Additionally, Bremont has brought out the new ‘Chalgrove’ watch strap selection. The high-performance bi-material straps combine both rubber and leather, offering something practical and robust that also has enhanced moisture resistance.


Bremont is excited to introduce a new online configurator which will enable customers to design their own MB. The online system will have preloaded dial, case, case back, barrel and strap choices to choose from for the MBII. The barrel colour options are blue, orange, yellow, green, and anthracite as well as military inspired purple, bronze, jet and titanium. The new movement design can be seen through a special open case back version which is a first in the MB collection. There will be over 100 different possible designs in terms of case and dial, and over 1000 factoring in the different straps. Included in this are several new barrel colours than are presently available 'off the shelf', with red of course still being reserved solely for MB ejectees. Once configured and ordered online, delivery of a custom MB will be 12-14 weeks.