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How To Spend It

Redefining ‘spend’ during the pandemic

Last February, the Financial Times unveiled a new-look How To Spend It, embracing a broadened definition of the word ‘spend’ that reflects the changing world of luxury. Since the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, ‘spend’ has taken a completely new face.
1st Jun 2020
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How To Spend It  Redefining ‘spend’ during the pandemic

As everybody’s lifestyle has been transformed by the crisis, the How To Spend It team have reflected this new reality in the magazine with new features that span from the profound to the more esoteric or lighthearted. With a new focus on how we spend our time, the editorial has created strong and meaningful connections with readers who are sharing common circumstances.

Like any other lifestyle magazine, HTSI had to adapt its content quickly to the changing mindset of the readers, with fewer resources and less time. In the 2nd May issue, ‘How To Spend It … at home’, HTSI asked its favourite photographers to share images that encapsulate their home. Fashion themes are focused on the new trends led by the demand for loungewear and dressing gowns; good bedding has become essential to a luxury lifestyle; and the food aficionados who can no longer go to restaurants can lift their mood by cooking at home, or by finding out the UK chefs’ top supplier secrets. The magazine has also put new emphasis on activities - art, painting, craft, wellness - that have seen a surge in interest.

The world of luxury has certainly changed in the past two months and HTSI’ s mission is to keep reflecting on its different lifestyles, serving up a range of comforts for its readers.