How to upgrade your working-from-home set-up by Echlin

With the latest Covid-19 advice recommending that those that can work from home for the next six months, we spoke to Samuel Pye, Creative Manager at Echlin – creators of exceptional residences and crafted spaces – who shares five tips on how to upgrade your WFH set-up.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to leave the kitchen table for sourdough making only. A desk can fit in the smallest spaces, and whilst it’s possible to fit in an even tighter space, anything from around 80cm x 60cm will work.

– Look for a good level of consistent natural light. Harnessing the golden hour for your close-of-play zoom call might make you feel great, but ideally you want to avoid the glare and overheating the space. If you can be near a window but not in front of it you’ll avoid having your concentration broken by next door’s Amazon delivery.

– Our team is really focused on wellbeing so getting a good amount of planting and greenery into the workspaces we design. It’s easy for everyone to achieve and a quick google will tell you the best plants for improving your air quality. In many of our urban projects we’ve opted for a living wall that has major benefits for increasing biodiversity and improving your mood.

– Storage is an obvious one but in our view it’s an art not a science. Too much and you will fill it with things you don’t need, and not enough and you will be tripping over your belongings. Assuming your work life may not spark that much joy, Marie Kondo’s approach doesn’t massively help here, so think carefully about what your storage requirements are and plan accordingly.

– Finally, turn to aesthetics. Without a good structure underneath, there’s no point in trying to make it look good. Beautiful furniture, great stationery, a nice Zoom back drop and some inspiring art will all make the finishing touches to upgrading your workspace.

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