Innovation Watch | by CBRE

The importance of keeping abreast of the latest innovations has perhaps never been more important. Andrew Phipps, Head of Innovation and Retails Research, CBRE, has been tracking new store concepts, developing technologies, divine eateries and the most engaging cultural offerings and sharing these with a select group of brands through Innovation Watch, CBRE’s quarterly report.

As a result of this he has been invited to present on innovation and industry disruptors in countries as different as the Czech Republic to Australia and many in between. The element that has engaged all audiences are the innovations from outside their ‘regular’ sector. That is to say, how does the latest development in offices impact retail, how does a new technology in place at an airport relate to luxury retail, what does the growth of pop-up galleries mean for flagship stores?

Most people are aware of what is happening in their industry sector but often don’t get chance to look around and see how other industries offer opportunities.

Please see below the link to the most recent Innovation Watch, CBRE’s quarterly report. The content varies each quarter and has a different focus depending on what is happening.

Click here to view the latest Innovation Watch.

If you are a Walpole member and would like to be added to the Innovation Watch distribution list, please contact Andrew Phipps.