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Walpole Luxury Trend Report

From fashion and fragrance to wellness and wine, British luxury is our obsession, but when looking at the trends driving the behaviour of customers, it’s one part of a bigger luxury picture. In Walpole's inaugural Trend Report our contributors reveal the trends reshaping the luxury landscape through a global lens.
18th Jan 2022
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Insights Walpole Luxury Trend Report

What are the key trends that will light up the luxury sector in early 2022? If Sustainability and Inclusion are now table stakes for every brand, what are the themes that will be the most talked about amongst consumers and what will give your brand the edge? Is the metaverse the new luxury playground? How does a post-pandemic yearning for simplicity sit alongside a new mood for haute hedonism and life in technicolour? Where does wellness and mindfulness meet YOLO? Are collaborations between very high profile fashion brands here to stay? 

You need credible, trusted resources to help you anticipate and navigate the trends you need to understand now – and next – not least because luxury is undergoing a discreet revolution. And that’s where Walpole’s new luxury Trends Report comes in. 

To create the report, we’ve looked over the shoulders and into the files of expert journalists and editors working across the luxury sector. Download the report using the button below to read the thoughts of contributors like Farrah Storr, Lee Knyaston, Michelle Ogundehin and Alice Lascelles, writing about the crucial things to watch in their respective fields of expertise.


YOU GOT THE LOVE. Women’s style is getting ready to party. By Farrah Storr
SUSTAINABILITY, TECHNOLOGY, FLEXIBILITY. Dressing up for men is serious business. By Nick Scott
MAKE-UP FOR MEN. Grooming for the season ahead. By Lee Kynaston
COMFORT AND JOY. Raving through or getting ready to hibernate. The choice is yours. By Lynette Hecker
SCENTS & SUSTAINABILITY. A fragrant future awaits. By Sali Hughes
NEW WORLD WELLNESS. Immune-boosting treatments and state-of-the-art spas. By Lisa Brown
TO BOLDLY GO. Space travel, Arctic tents, exclusive experiences. By April Hutchinson
DESIGNS FOR LIFE. Creating a happy home. By Michelle Ogundehin
THE SHAPE OF DRINKS TO COME. From artisanal alchemy to the alcohol free. By Alice Lascelles
THE RETURN OF RETRO. From Simpsons to stadiums, the Nineties are back. By Ali Catterall
KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. The new kids on the cutting block. By William Sitwell

The inaugural Walpole Trend Report, supported by Walpole partner Redrice Ventures, was launched on Monday 17th January at a breakfast and panel discussion held at Auriens.

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