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Love in the time of Coronavirus

Turnbull & Asser

To expand Turnbull & Asser's continuing crisis support for essential healthcare workers and communities on both sides of the Atlantic, the brand has taken Thursday's Clap for Carers one step further. On Thursday 30th April Turnbull announced it would be donating all profits from each online sale to charity. Following its success, the brand repeated the drive last Thursday 7th May. Read on to discover all the ways Turnbull & Asser are supporting the fight against coronavirus.
10th May 2020
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Love in the time of Coronavirus  Turnbull & Asser
"With the transformation of our Gloucester workrooms to scrub-making facilities, although commendable, is limited in its outreach. Firstly, by scale, we are but a small team after all, but also geographically. We felt it important that our effects be felt in the United States too. Furthermore, we’d heard the word of our first scrub batches touching down on the UK front line, however, our focus became increasingly drawn to stories of hardship and adversity essential workers and their families faced at home too. After all, the effects of coronavirus don’t end with their shifts.

"Therefore, we have selected two incredible charities to lend our monetary contributions to. The first in the US is New York’s First Responders Fund and in the UK the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal. We believe that our contribution will allow these organisations to deepen their impact – both during the crisis and beyond.

NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal

"From the provision of devices for isolated patients to communicate with their loved ones, to facilitating the long-term mental health recovery of staff and families, unfortunately, there is much that NHS funding can’t regularly provide. Launched to recognise NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by Covid-19 across the country, we proudly acknowledge them.

"Founded on Monday 23rd March, the fund raised just under 20 million pounds in its first two weeks. With a goal of reaching 100 million pounds, our donations will go to directly support many of the 230 NHS-related charities around the UK through regular grants, both during and after the pandemic is over, as well support their voluntary, care and hospice community so that NHS patients can leave hospital more quickly and safely, stay or remain out of hospital.

First Responders Fund

"With our townhouse in New York, we were determined to partner with an organisation that was as far-reaching as it was vital. The First Responders Fund works to advance initiatives to improve the lives of New York’s first responders during the COVID-19 crisis, from sourcing personal protective equipment and laboratory testing to covering first responders and care workers expenses and costs.