Love Letters from Britain

London Sock Company

They might be a humble clothing item, but socks have the power to make a statement about their wearer and tread a sustainable path. With an emphasis on circularity and the introduction of recycled materials, the London Sock Company mixes style with substance. This is London Sock Co.'s Love Letter to Britain.
19th Jul 2021
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Love Letters from Britain London Sock Company An interview with Ryan Palmer, Co-Founder



Love Letters from Britain is a new series of short documentary-style films uncovering the untold stories of UK’s most innovative luxury brands, produced for Walpole by BBC StoryWorks commercial productions and including stories supported by the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland campaign.

Please click here to watch the full series.

To find out more about the brand's involvement in the series, we spoke with Ryan Palmer, co-founder of London Sock Company

What was your motivation for taking part in the Love Letters from Britain series?

We were really thrilled to be given the opportunity to take part in this film project. It has been a chance for us to share our passion for great socks and the power that they have to make people walk brighter each day. As a small British brand we are fortunate to be part of a long cultural tradition of quality, creativity and style – British luxury is truly unique. This series really is a love letter to the things that make British luxury so special and we are so proud to have been a part of it.

Tell us more about your film and the stories that are being shared? 

We may be small, but we’ve always believed in a future where we all do what we can to make the world a better place. Our film explores the power of a little thing like socks to make a big difference and our journey towards becoming a more responsible brand; the little steps we are making towards our big goal of being Net Zero by 2025. We talk about the research and care that has gone into designing and making our exciting new Retro Recycled Collection, which are crafted using a clever blend of recycled fibres. Socks may be a little thing, but we think they should be made with the same care and dedication to quality as any big ticket item. This new collection is no different. We also visit our partners at The Reclaimery, who are helping us upcycle unwanted socks into useful items for those affected by homelessness for Crisis UK. We are really proud of this film – it is a window into our world, our values and an honest look at how we are learning and evolving. We hope people love it as much as we do.

Who features in the film?

In the film, you’ll see myself and my co-founder Dave Palmer, as well as Anastasija Golovicera, our New Product Category Lead. We also visit The Reclaimery, a fantastic organisation we partner with to help upcycle and repurpose unwanted socks we receive during our Sock Amnesty into warm items for those affected by homelessness.

What do you think makes British luxury so special?

British luxury has long been the champion of beautiful, quality, well-made items that stand the test of time. But also of creativity, individuality and innovation. British style and craftsmanship are naturally imbued with the wonderful idiosyncrasies and quirks that make Britain as a nation so unique and beloved. British luxury brands all share a special heritage of excellence and style – whether you are a centuries-old brand or just starting on your journey. For London Sock Company it is a privilege to be part of this legacy of luxury.

London Sock Company set to upcycle thousands of socks into winter warmers for the homeless, through its annual Sock Amnesty


Ryan Palmer talks us through the project.

If there has ever been a time to look outward at how we can positively impact others, it is right now. At London Sock Company, it has always been our belief that the little things – like socks – have the power to make a big difference. And it was this conviction that led us to launch our Sock Amnesty in 2018. 

The Sock Amnesty is a chance for our customers to clear out their sock drawers while also making a difference. Since the launch of our first sock amnesty campaign, we have been able to donate thousands of unwanted new pairs to the homeless, while countless used pairs were recycled instead of being sent to landfill.

This year, the aim for our sock amnesty campaign is to make an even bigger difference.

Once again, our customers are encouraged to donate their unwanted pairs. "We all have unwanted and unloved socks lurking in our drawers," says Ryan Palmer, co-founder of London Sock Company. "New gifted pairs that will never see the light of day. Well-loved socks that have lost their lustre. Our Sock Amnesty is a chance to do something good with them while having a cathartic clear out."

For our Sock Amnesty 2021, we are excited to partner with The Reclaimery – a fantastic organisation that works with vulnerable communities here in London to teach them the skills needed to repurpose garments into unique, limited edition collections with higher quality or value than the original. 

Their expert hands will transform our donated socks into functional, snug fingerless gloves and neck warmers, which will then be distributed by the wonderful charity Crisis to the homeless. Vital items to spread some warmth for those in need. 

"We are really delighted to be supporting London Sock Company with their Sock Amnesty this year to upcycle thousands of pairs of donated socks. London Sock Company and The Reclaimery share the same vision of making a positive impact on the environment and taking a step towards reducing waste. Not only will we be helping London Sock Company make vital items that will be distributed to the homeless, but we are supporting and creating paid opportunities for vulnerable communities in London. The Sock Amnesty campaign is a small step towards achieving a circular economy in the fashion industry, it's the little things that have the power to make a big difference."
Juliet Herrera, founder, The Reclaimery

To find out more about the London Sock Company Sock Amnesty campaign, please click here.


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