Love Letters from Britain is a new series of short documentary-style films uncovering the untold stories of UK’s most innovative luxury brands, produced for Walpole by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and including stories supported by the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign.

The British luxury sector is one of the UK’s greatest export success stories, with 80% of its production destined for overseas markets, and a major driver of international visitors to the UK. Love Letters from Britain brings to life exactly why the very best of Britain’s creative, entrepreneurial and innovation talent is the secret to the UK’s international appeal and why these iconic brands are a powerful and alluring calling card for the country.

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Down Arrow

Diamonds in the sky


Sun, wind, rain, and atmospheric carbon captured from the sky are the ingredients for Skydiamond’s diamonds, created in the heart of Gloucestershire in England. The diamonds are the same composition as those mined from the ground and have the added benefit of extracting harmful gases from the air.

Putting vegetables at the Core of cuisine

Core by Clare Smyth

Raised on a Northern Irish farm, chef Clare Smyth learned the value of growing quality produce from early on. Now, in her three Michelin star restaurant Core, she elevates produce from across the UK and celebrates the farmers that grow it.

Why meaningful spaces matter

Heatherwick Studio

From a park rising above New York’s Hudson River, to a Singapore high-rise overflowing with verdant gardens – architect Thomas Heatherwick’s designs integrate with nature to create innovative and sustainable spaces all around the world.

Engineering a more sustainable future

McLaren Automotive

With a long history of developing technology to build a more sustainable future, across both racing and road cars, McLaren Automotive is pioneering innovative approaches in the automotive sector to help protect our planet.

The Time is Now


Determined not to let British watch craftsmanship become a thing of the past, two brothers are revitalising an industry rich with history. Their passion, precision, and pioneering spirit prove this trade is right at home.

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The Story of the Suit

Kathryn Sargent

London's Savile Row is an iconic destination for tailoring, home to the best bespoke and made-to-measure suits in the world. Kathryn Sargent is the first female tailor on the Row; walk with her down this historic Mayfair street to discover the magic of the bespoke British suit.

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Can a Bag Help Save the World: Fashion, Farming and the Future


Iconic British brand Mulberry is embedding principles of transparency, regeneration and circularity across its supply chain to create signature leather bags that have a positive impact and are made to last.

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Crafting Every Drop

The Lakes Distillery

Tucked away in an historic farmstead in the stunning English countryside of the Lake District, is a distillery with a difference. This is a story of a path being forged by The Lakes Distillery's master blender Dhavall Gandhi, who is passionately crafting an opulent whisky with a unique flavour as he aspires to put England on the whisky-making map.

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Healing Through Horticulture

Jo Malone London

Renowned for crafting exquisite fragrances, the power of nature is integral to the philosophy of Jo Malone London. But how can the wonders of nature be adopted to improve mental health and wellbeing? Jo Malone London's belief in cultivating kindness has its roots in British gardens...

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Best Feet Forward

London Sock Co

They might be a humble clothing item, but socks have the power to make a statement about their wearer and tread a sustainable path. With an emphasis on circularity and the introduction of recycled materials, the London Sock Company mixes style with substance.

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Re-Imagining Modern Masculinity


What it means to be a modern man is a concept that is constantly evolving – and so too is luxury menswear brand, dunhill. From founder Alfred Dunhill's original inspiration in 1893, to new creative director, Mark Weston's vision for the future, this pioneering heritage brand has always had innovation at its core.

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The Magic of Shopping

Bicester Village

With a similar footfall to Buckingham Palace, Bicester Village is the home of retail royalty and also upcoming talent. Discover how Britain's iconic outlet shopping centre is keeping the magic of shopping alive by curating artistic spaces within its villages to champion young designers and artists.

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Closing the Luxury Loop

Molton Brown

Goodness is not just a feeling, but an act - and Molton Brown is continually evolving. Passionate about circularity and reducing single-use plastic, its iconic packaging is being reimagined with longevity in mind. From creating refillable glass bottles to incorporating recycled plastic across its ranges, it's about curating experiences that last.

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Old Traditions, New Directions

The Balvenie

In the small Scottish burgh of Dufftown, the historic Balvenie Distillery has been maturing its craft across generations. There is no book on how to make The Balvenie Single Malt, instead it is passed on by hand and by story from master to apprentice. Passing his whisky secrets down the line of succession, malt master David Stewart  is inspiring the next generation by combining historic customs with modern passion and flair.

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London’s New Landmark

The Londoner

The golden age of the grand hotel is returning. A project in the heart of London’s West End is seeking to embody the creative spirit of the area, collaborating with artists and creators in a hotel that will reflect the vibrancy and bright lights of the city it sits in when it opens in September 2021.

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Updating Tradition


Luxury is as much about process as the product itself. This century-old luxury car manufacturer is decarbonising its processes with the aim of becoming carbon-neutral. Discover the people pioneering a new image for Bentley, a brand steeped in tradition.

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The second series of Love Letters from Britain will be available in October