‘A pro-business Brexit’ | An update from Walpole’s CEO

Dear members,

I wanted to thank you so much for supporting the statement Walpole put out ahead of last Friday’s meeting at Chequers. I also wanted to thank you for your swift response and for sharing your views, both public and private, so frankly – this could not have been more helpful when it came to putting forward the thoughts of the British luxury sector on the status of the Brexit negotiations.

Please click here to read Walpole’s pro-business Brexit statement.

Despite yesterday’s high-profile Cabinet resignations, Walpole is confident that the UK’s Brexit position has moved forward in a direction that is more positive for business. The new outline on a future relationship between the UK and the EU reflects the case businesses have made about putting jobs and living standards first and we welcome the proposed frictionless ‘free trade area for goods and ‘common rule book’.

Whilst Thursday’s promised White Paper will provide the crucial detail, Friday’s meeting has given us more of an understanding on the Government’s position on customs and on the importance of mobility particularly when it comes to services and these things are also to be welcomed.

A summary of Walpole’s Brexit position and the views you have shared with us will be sent tomorrow to Dominic Raab, the new Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

There is still a considerable way to go before we can feel confident that the Government will deliver the pro-business Brexit the British luxury sector wants. No one can pretend there are any easy solutions to Brexit, and we will also be listening hard for movement from the EU too, but we are cautiously optimistic that the message given by British luxury and other business sectors is not falling on deaf ears.

Helen Brocklebank
CEO, Walpole