Pure: de Le Cuona reforms the interior textiles industry by putting the wellness of consumers first

de Le Cuona fabric house launches Pure – the ultimate collection of interior textiles, for those who are pursuing wellness and looking to invest in a healthy lifestyle. Pure is a 100% organic linen collection certified to The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and designed without compromise on the beauty and the feel of the fabrics.

Certification to GOTS ensures the organic status of this linen, from the harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible making. The fabrics are sustainably produced without harmful chemicals meaning no damaging particles are emitted into the environment.

Bernie de Le Cuona, the CEO and founder of de Le Cuona comments:

I have been working with linen for more than 26 years, a natural fabric with benefits for your health and lifestyle. By making it totally organic we have created the ultimate product that contributes to a wellness way of life. I believe that as the world becomes more aware of the potential damage we might cause to our health by using and being surrounded by harmful chemicals, this new collection will appeal to many home owners and interior designers.

Jamie Page from The Cancer Prevention and Education Society says:

These are just the sort of measures that responsible and health aware companies in the interior textiles industry can take to help people reduce their exposure to hazardous chemicals as well as using materials sourced in an environmentally friendly way. We very much support these types of initiatives.

Natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities of linen make it perfect for use in living spaces; the variety of weights, textures and finishes of these linen fabrics allow you to dress the whole interior, from sheers and curtains to heavy upholstery.

The collection is now available to view online and in de Le Cuona showrooms.