The Royal Wedding | Royal Salute

Royal Salute, the exceptionally crafted and aged Scotch whisky with a very fitting name, has launched a one-of-a-kind Royal Wedding Edition in tribute to the upcoming marriage of HRH Prince Henry of Wales to Ms Meghan Markle. Continuing Royal Salute’s long legacy of celebrating British royal milestones, just 70 bottles of this incredible whisky have been produced – and is a true collector’s item fit for a King or Queen (or Duke and Duchess).


To create this outstanding expression, Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop has brought together some of the oldest and rarest whiskies from the Royal Salute vault and the finished product is an exclusive expression like no other. In a touching tribute to LA-born Meghan’s heritage, this unique blend has been fully matured in 100% American oak casks – a first for Royal Salute – resulting in a long and creamy finish that complements its sweet nose.

The very best whisky deserves a home to match. The Royal Salute Royal Wedding Edition is fittingly presented within a striking Dartington Crystal decanter, each of which is engraved with a unique number and etched with images of roses, thistles and barley. To further enhance this beautiful edition, the inside of the hand-crafted American Oak box is adorned with flowers and foliage in a subtle nod to Harry and Meghan’s spring wedding. Images of vivid daffodils celebrate Harry’s title as Prince Henry of Wales and California poppies feature in tribute to Meghan’s birth place of Los Angeles.

This exceptional unveiling is not only a tribute to the much-loved royal couple, but also a celebration of Royal Salute’s long-standing tradition of commemorating and celebrating momentous British royal occasions.

Royal Salute Brand Ambassador, His Grace The Duke of Argyll, explained: “The marriage of HRH, Prince Henry of Wales, to Ms Meghan Markle, will be one of the most exciting events this century. Since its creation in 1953 in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s
coronation, Royal Salute has enjoyed a long and proud heritage of celebrating historic British royal events – and we believe this remarkable new blend is a perfect tribute to such a special moment in history.”

The unique blend – along with its exquisite decanter and box – builds on the success of previous commemorative whiskies from Royal Salute. With an impressive portfolio that includes The Diamond Tribute and 32 Year Old Union of the Crowns, the Royal Wedding Edition is in esteemed company.

With just 70 bottles produced and available for an RRP of $10,000 (U.S) this is a truly exceptional whisky. For more information, whisky connoisseurs can contact Royal Salute at