A Summer of Luxury | Holiday with… Renée Kuo

Today, on a ‘Holiday with…’, we meet Renée Kuo, Managing Director of Debrett’s, whose summer recommendations include shopping in Japan, splurging on sunscreen, and how winding down is essential if you’re looking for that all-important ‘a-ha!’ moment.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Japan for the food, shopping, art and architecture.

What is your top tip for surviving the summer heat in style?
Splurge on good sunscreen so that you don’t look or feel like a Dali painting by the end of the day.

Have you ever had a ‘lightbulb’ moment related to your business or career while taking some downtime?
Many times. Busy executives often treat their bodies like machines; we push ourselves to work harder, believing this provides the best results. However, studies have shown that most ‘A-ha’ moments happen when we open ourselves to new ideas and adventures and then give ourselves the time for those ideas to percolate and incubate. So do yourself a favour and stick your toes in the sand, visit a museum, take a walk in the country or grab a cocktail/mocktail and let your mind wander.

What is your holiday read this year?
I’m eyeing Behold, America: A History of America First and the American Dream by Sarah Churchwell but fear it may cause my blood to boil, so will temper it with Julian Barnes’ latest, The Only Story.

Favourite place for an al fresco dinner/drink?
Anywhere with my husband, Alastair – whether it’s in our garden in Blackheath or a vineyard back in Napa Valley.

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