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Support New West End Company’s Tax-Free Shopping Campaign

As the decline in international visitor numbers to UK cities continues with devastating impacts on our sector, Walpole continues its campaign to persuade Government to give more support.
20th Aug 2020
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Support New West End Company’s Tax-Free Shopping Campaign

As part of this work, Walpole is supporting New West End Company’s campaign to extend tax-free shopping to visitors from EU member states when the UK's transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year.

New West End Company estimates that this cost-free measure would generate over £1.4 bn in additional annual retail sales and a total of over £2.1 bn for the wider tourism industry. Ministers are expected to make a decision shortly.

New West End Company is making a last push to get the regulations changed. The media and lobbying campaign will start with a letter from New West End Company Chairman, Sir Peter Rogers, to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, followed by an approach to a wide range of ministers, officials and advisors.

We need you to add your company’s name to the letter so we can show the level of support for this measure as an additional incentive to get people from Europe to visit more and spend more from 2021.

The campaign is also being supported by the Association of International Retail and you can see the letter and add your support here.