Survey on the Access to Finance of Companies from the Cultural and Creative Sectors

Access to funding is one of the key barriers encountered by companies and organisations working in the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS).

The European Commission is exploring the level of ‘finance gap’ for CSS companies, reviewing their experience in accessing finance, and the potential need for targeted financial instruments to meet their needs. The EC has commissioned an independent study being led by economic consultants SQW, to gather evidence on this.

In view of the new programmes in support of culture and creativity, the European Commission is preparing policy actions to lower the barriers of access to finance. This study will provide useful information in order to design actions targeted to these sectors’ specific needs and challenges.

We would greatly appreciate if you could complete the online survey by Monday 30 April 2018. The survey can be accessed by clicking on the weblink below.

Your responses will be treated in strict confidence – aggregated with other responses and reported in anonymised format.  If you have any questions on completing the survey, please contact Mark Bradshaw at SQW (