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MY WARDROBE HQ x Agora Six Senses Ibiza launch Cinderella, a new sustainable fashion event concept

September marks the highly anticipated opening of the Cinderella Room at Six Senses Ibiza. Powered by the UK’s top fashion re-commerce business and sustainable fashion site MY WARDROBE HQ and curated by Agora, the new sustainable and educational retail concept at the luxurious Ibiza resort, the partners announce their inaugural immersive ‘Cinderella’ night, an event concept taking place on September 18, 2021, celebrated with Grey Goose martinis.
15th Sep 2021
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Sustainability Stories MY WARDROBE HQ x Agora Six Senses Ibiza launch Cinderella, a new sustainable fashion event concept

In the latest effort to create a fully sustainable hospitality offering, the Cinderella Room concept allows guests visiting the newly opened resort to avoid having to pack and bring cumbersome glamorous eveningwear or gowns, allowing them instead to order outfits to rent before they travel or on arrival. In this first of an ongoing series, Six Senses Ibiza, Agora, MWHQ and Grey Goose have come together to trailblaze cutting edge events shining a spotlight on sustainability from the fashion and hospitality industries. The evening will bring the Cinderella Room and its guiding ethos to life in a multisensory way as attendees are invited to select an outfit provided by MY WARDROBE HQ, the luxury fashion rental platform that shares in Agora’s foundational commitment to sustainability. Styled by the brand in an exclusive edit featuring the world's finest designers- including Jenny Packham, Valentino, Dior, and Attico- guests will party in the stunning Live Cave whilst delighting in Grey Goose martinis during a night of style, art and glamour, and culture-seekers will enjoy a retail experience expertly curated to become a thing of fantasy.
With the finest gowns in the world available to rent for just one night, all visitors will be afforded the Cinderella experience- there is something for all tastes and styles.  Items can be ordered before guests depart for Ibiza, or in person on arrival, from the Cinderella Room rental retail space. Guests and friends of Six Senses will receive an invitation, guiding them to browse the edit to plan their Cinderella moment here, in a link visible only to them. This allows them to pre-browse the edit, before gaining exclusive access via their final RSVP to choose their free rental. On collecting their rental attire, or upon changing into their attire for the night in the Cinderella Room, guests will enter out into the resort’s Live Cave for a night of celebration, music, ambiance and martinis from Grey Goose.
Agora was conceived by founders Tiffanie Darke and Daniela Agnelli around the four key story chapters of Rent, Restore, Recycle and Reduce. Buy less but buy better: always invest in pieces you will be proud to wear for a long time - reflecting the exact brand ethos and DNA upon which the MWHQ business was launched. Powered by its own renewable energy source - and with punchy zero waste and zero single-use plastic targets, Agora’s home of Six Senses Ibiza - like MWHQ - has sustainability at its core. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and this rental service allows for opinion formers and the cultural elite to experience the freedom of fashion rental first hand. Travel with just your bikini, and rent the rest when you arrive.
Fashion consumers have become increasingly aware of more sustainable and conscious ways to access luxury, and luxury rental platform MY WARDROBE HQ has soared in popularity. The resort’s rental edit will focus on elevated event-wear - unmissable pieces that allow customers to access the wardrobe of their dreams in a more responsible way. The partnership with MY WARDROBE HQ - a business offering a solution to fashion’s sustainability problem - is the latest development in Agora’s path towards encouraging a more sustainable future, particularly focusing on services that help customers to lengthen the lifespan of luxury pieces and to encourage them to experience must-have pieces in a more socially conscious way. The Cinderella evening intends to be the first of a sustainable event series at Agora, which, as part of its DNA is continuously tapping likeminded brands that aim to advance the luxury lifestyle experience into one that benefits people and planet alike.

Founded by Sacha Newall and Tina Lake in 2019 to address fashion’s environmental issues, sustainability drives every decision at MY WARDROBE HQ. Their customers are looking for more socially conscious ways of consuming fashion, and their mission is to challenge the status quo by giving new life to pre-owned and past-season luxury goods through the circular economy. The founders’ vision was to increase the lifecycle of luxury goods beyond a single fashion season. The most successful by far of all of the emerging rental businesses, it outperforms its competitors by more than 20x in revenue, with its unique rent and buy/resale model. In the past 15 years, global clothing production has doubled to meet demand and this increased appetite has seen the clothing and footwear industries account for a combined estimate of 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making fashion the third highest polluting industry in the world - MWHQ know that this can’t be allowed to continue.

The value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion. It is also estimated that £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. A 2016 McKinsey report discovered that three-fifths of all clothing items are incinerated or end up in landfill within a year of being produced, with the worst offenders being fast-fashion producers. MWHQ offers a real solution to this crisis by extending the lifecycle of a garment by up to fifteen times and by offering an additional way for brands and retailers to sell through pieces that either didn’t make it into production or didn’t sell through at the end of each season. Like the Agora concept, it encourages customers to buy better, buy less: through education, consumers will discover that better quality items are often made with more stringent processes that don’t – or have less of – an impact on the environment.

“Six Senses Ibiza is a reflection of the beauty of nature, it is a constant reminder of why we must all work to nurture the planet,” says Agora’s Tiffanie Darke. “All of our fashion options at the retail space in the Six Senses are selected on their sustainability and style credentials. The joy of fashion rental is that we create an ever-revolving wardrobe, which allows everyone to experience the 'new' in the form of 'new to them'.  Caring, sharing and community is at the heart of the Six Senses ethos, a perfect match for My Wardrobe HQ.”

Jane Shepherdson, veteran of the fashion industry and Chair of My Wardrobe HQ comments; “We are privileged to have been chosen as a partner for this project, the Six Senses is a pioneer in combining luxury and sustainability.  It is in a unique position to influence the rest of the world in responsible luxury. From pumpkins to worn out rags, Cinderella just needed a sprinkling of magic to make things beautiful.  I'm delighted to be playing fairy godmother to Six Senses guests and My Wardrobe HQ customers.”