The Royal Mint | Adapting to COVID-19

As an organisation with an unbroken history of minting coins for 1,100 years, The Royal Mint has stood the test of time by adapting and evolving to accommodate changes and challenges over the years. The recent coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge that many organisations have faced and one that The Royal Mint has also faced head on.

The Royal Mint has also used internal expertise and resources to support others during this difficulty time. Firstly, The Royal Mint began producing medical visors on site to help protect NHS frontline workers, and secondly supporting families across the nation by offering free educational resources with the introduction of The Royal Mint Kids Hub.

The Royal Mint, usually known for making coins, bullion and gifts, has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Llantrisant. However, with an abundance of in-house engineering skills and knowledge The Royal Mint identified an opportunity that would support the incredible work that NHS workers were doing each day. Engineers at the site were keen to support NHS workers, and began searching for medical equipment which could be easily produced on site.

The team found a rudimentary design for a medical visor online, and began developing high specification prototypes – turning the concept into an approved design in just 48 hours. In addition, The Royal Mint has been supplying the local NHS with other essential PPE equipment from its stores, and offering Project Management support.

The visors were initially made available to Cwm Taf Healthy Authority in Wales, but The Royal Mint is now set to make 1.9 million medical visors for the NHS in England and Wales to help protect medical workers – making over 100,000 medical visors per week exclusively for the NHS. This is a proud moment for The Royal Mint by being able to help protect thousands of front line NHS staff that face the impact of coronavirus daily.

The safety and wellbeing of The Royal Mint’s employees is of absolute priority to the business, and as a result of this a series of measures have been implemented to ensure a continued safe working environment. As the world’s leading export mint, producing coins remains the bedrock of the business, therefor creating a safe working environment to ensure continued safe production of coins was of paramount importance.

Social distancing measures have been introduced and new working shift patterns to limit contact amongst employees. In addition to social distancing measures, 40% of The Royal Mint’s workforce is also set up to working from home. This allowed us to ensure that the business’ day to day needs are still carried out as well as allowing the business to stay connected with its customers.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only impacted businesses across the world, but communities have felt the impact too. As the nation’s communities rallied together to support one another during these challenging times, The Royal Mint wanted to play a part to support families and engage all those who find themselves at home.

This lead to The Royal Mint launching its interactive ‘Kid’s Hub’ to help entertain and educate children at home –  with the help of coins that can be found in your pockets.

The free resource is available on The Royal Mint’s website and provides a host of quizzes, games and educational tools and is available for everyone. Each week The Royal Mint will introduce new free downloadable packs to support families and children. Subjects include Literacy, Science, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography and History with each downloadable pack featuring coins as a starting point from which pupils can learn about these essential everyday items in their pockets.

During these unprecedented times, The Royal Mint has shown its role in being able to adapt to any situation and support the nation as a British manufacturing brand. Not only has The Royal Mint used its in-house expertise of producing and manufacturing coins to manufacture PPE for the NHS but the organisation has also looked at various ways to support the community in the hope of being able to make a difference during these difficult times.