Walpole and The Brexit Countdown: Changes to UK import tariffs in the event of no deal Brexit

With 23 days to go until Brexit, we bring you the latest news from the UK Government regarding changes to UK import tariffs in the event of no deal Brexit

The British Government today announced, that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, temporary import duties will be applied to certain goods including fashion and textiles.

The tariffs, which would be in place for 12 months, apply 8-12% duties on around 140 fashion and textile lines, extending the list that was previously announced earlier this year.

In the event of no deal, the tariffs would come into effect for a year whilst the government carries out public consultation on permanent tariffs and the government has also stated that it will closely monitor the effects of the temporary regime on the UK and UK business.

These tariffs would not apply to textile products entering the UK from some developing countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bolivia and Armenia per the Generalised scheme of preferences (GSP) which ensures the preferential access to the UK market, currently available to developing countries, is maintained.

A full list of goods can be found here and the Government announcement can be read here.