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Walpole Book of British Luxury

The Future of Sustainable Packaging with IDP

"The purpose of packaging is to present the product as the hero and to fade away once it’s accomplished this feat." IDP Packaging.
2nd Nov 2020
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Walpole Book of British Luxury  The Future of Sustainable Packaging with IDP

Walpole members: Have you received your copy of the 2020 Walpole Book of British Luxury? This year, we are delighted to present our Yearbook in a box as beautiful as the book itself - designed using bespoke materials and detailed features for a statement in sustainable ecommerce packaging - and created in collaboration with Intl. Direct Packaging and James Cropper.

The luxury box designs are produced using James Cropper’s premium 100% PCW sheet that is part of the Rydal Packaging Collection (CupCycling). The box was designed and manufactured by the award-winning Intl. Direct Packaging team focusing on what the future of sustainable luxury means. The boxes are constructed of Black Rydal paper corrugated into F Flute boards that are embossed and debossed with the handcrafted artwork to mirror the beautifully designed cover of the 2020 Yearbook by House of Hackney & Buffalo.

Because these boxes are mono-material and do not use inks or glues they are 100% recyclable without having to disassemble them. Is the future of eCommerce more brown boxes that look the same, or is it something else entirely? To learn more please contact Andy Rawlin, [email protected], Intl. Direct Packaging