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Walpole launches new partnership with BBC StoryWorks: 'Love Letters from Britain'

As part of Walpole’s focus on promoting British luxury in key markets around the world, we are delighted to be working with BBC StoryWorks who are producing a first-of-kind series on British luxury. 
6th Dec 2020
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Walpole launches new partnership with BBC StoryWorks: 'Love Letters from Britain'

Through the series (working title: Love Letters From Britain), BBC StoryWorks will explore “what makes British luxury the best in the world?”. It will shine a light on the sector's brands and individuals, and explore the heritage, craftsmanship, creativity, entrepreneurship, resilience and innovation which defines the British luxury community, and how - together - we are creating a new era for luxury.

The series of films will live on a dedicated page on the platform, and will be distributed to a targeted audience across the globe. A BBC StoryWorks-backed marketing and social media campaign, which Walpole and partners will support, will drive audiences to the page. In addition, the series will also include editorial features and content to enable viewers to learn more about the brands and their stories, as well as including back links to the brand’s websites.

As part of the research phase, BBC StoryWorks would like to hear from you. Their team of researchers will be in touch with members to talk about the project and explore ideas and themes for the series as a whole. These will then bee reviewed by BBC compliance and aligned to the series concepts before production begins. We anticipate that the research phase will take four weeks, and if everything goes to plan we are aiming to launch the series at the annual Walpole Summit in Q2 2021.

BBC StoryWorks is the commercial content studio of BBC Global News who work with brands and partners to create beautifully crafted programmes drawing on the century-long expertise of the BBC production teams. In the conversations they will be keen to talk to you about the stories and ideas for the series and the potential for a dedicated individually-funded film that you would will be able to use in your own communications. The full series does require funding to go ahead, and in addition to the BBC StoryWorks team talking to potential partners, we are also discussing the project with Walpole partners and sponsors.

The BBC StoryWorks research team are reaching out to Walpole members and you can also submit your ideas and initiatives by completing this form here.

Any questions about the partnership, please be in touch with [email protected] or [email protected] or you can speak directly to the BBC StoryWorks project lead [email protected] about the series and how to get involved.

It’s a hugely exciting new partnership for Walpole and our members. The BBC StoryWorks team are world-class storytellers and BBC Global News provides an incredibly exciting platform to reach new audiences and customers for British luxury around the world.