Work/Life Balance | Alina Stankiewicz, Senior Sales Executive, Victor

Alina Stankiewicz, Senior Sales Executive at Victor, the leading jet charter marketplace, shares her Work/Life Resolutions: at work, to build partnerships with luxury brands and introduce a new loyalty programme and, in life, to keep adding to her collection of Bohemian crystal glass.

I am one of private aviation’s few female jet charter brokers and look after VVIP clients at leading jet charter marketplace Victor. It’s very exciting to be part of a company which is growing so quickly and my job is to ensure that we continue to nurture our client relationships whilst doing so. Victor has given me the platform to work with influential customers, build new partnerships with luxury brands and introduce innovative services such as our industry-first loyalty programme, Alto. For 2019, I want to continue to help take the brand, as well as my own career to the next level. Walpole has an important role to play here, exposing me to new networks and opportunities that might benefit Victor and our members.

Coming from an art background and working with HNWI in the luxury sector, my personal interests often overlap with work and I often cross paths with clients at gallery previews or exhibitions that I attend. Away from work, I am eager to expand my personal collection of Bohemian crystal glass this year. There are so many beautiful things in the world which come with a rich history and my personal resolution is to keep exploring these things, and to share my passions with those around.