Work/Life Resolution | Kathryn Sargent

Kathryn Sargent, a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow 2018 and founder of her eponymous Savile Row tailors, shares her New Year resolutions with us today, including her aims for 2019 and how she intends to find the perfect work/life balance.

2018 was an interesting and eventful year, I was part of the Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow programme, which allowed me to get a real understanding into how to further develop my business and enabled me to form some invaluable contacts in the luxury industry. This experience, coupled with various challenges in 2018 have all combined to inspire me and I am full of enthusiasm and optimism for 2019, with a clear vision of growth for the business. I plan to expand my offering by launching my Crafted made to measure service for both men and women this year, after high demand and interest. I also plan to explore other international markets, particularly America. These two goals seem like an organic development for the business following 2018, that I am very much looking forward to pursuing.

I ensure a good work/life balance through taking time to engage in culturally captivating experiences, I try and travel as much as I can, enjoy good food and wine, exercise and take in my surroundings. I feel that this, in turn, influences not only my craft but my rapport with my clients, enabling me to touch upon their varied interests in discussion. For me, my work and life are not separate but entwined, as my experiences are something that I can learn from.