IDP Direct

Since 1992, IDP Direct has been at the forefront of merging luxury packaging with sustainability. Handcrafting retail bags, rigid boxes, and e-commerce packaging for global brands, their factory-direct model truly distinguishes them. Owning their factories ensures unparalleled transparency and communication throughout their supply chain.

By emphasising innovation over the status quo, they consistently remain at the vanguard. Integrating Artificial Intelligence, crafting paper handles, and corrugating custom substrates in-house solidifies their leadership in sustainable packaging.

With IDP Direct’s factory-direct model, luxury brands can bypass third-party distributors and middlemen resellers, offering complete transparency and ensuring precise control over budgets and intricate details of packaging design.

IDP Direct’s Design For Absence™ (DFA) initiative showcases their unique approach to sustainability: sometimes, using less achieves more. They guide and support brands in reducing or even eliminating packaging without compromising the brand’s core essence, because the most sustainable packaging is none at all. IDP Direct champions the reduction of excessive packaging while enhancing the consumer unboxing experience.

With a global reach yet local insight, their initiatives - from beach clean-ups in Indonesia to supporting biodiversity - epitomise deep-rooted commitment. Their blend of technology and expertise brings brand visions to life in the form of tangible, sustainable luxury packaging.

In short, IDP Direct is the definitive route to sustainable luxury packaging. The door is open for brands to embark on this transformative journey with them.