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Matter Of Form

A Luxury Brand & Experience Design Consultancy that hates the term luxury, Matter Of Form are a group of 70+ designers, strategists, marketers and consultants who craft what’s next for category-defining brands.

Driven by a belief that ‘luxury’ is a lazy term, attached to dusty ideas and tired assumptions of times gone by, Matter Of Form challenges traditions, customs and language which no longer serve the clientele of today. It’s why, instead of striving for luxury labels, they champion ambitions of timelessness. Doing so through future-first product and service innovation, thoughtful experience design and spirited brand strategy that balance brand and conversion; relevance and distinction; timeliness and timelessness.

They’ve partnered with a catalogue of world-class brands including Aman, Belmond, Breitling, Knight Frank, Zaha Hadid Architects and Dorchester Collection; finding and weaving a golden thread through essential moments in each marque’s end-to-end experience. This work falls under Matter Of Form’s Brand Interactions™ framework – a proprietary method for meaningful innovation at every touchpoint, digital or otherwise, underpinned by a fundamental truth: that a brand is the sum of all its parts, built in the mind from every interaction between brand and person.

Brand Interactions™ enables Matter Of Form’s team to dream up, choreograph and animate the most distinct and diverse of experiences, in turn shaping the future of legendary brands. And the beautiful thing about luxury – in the context of craft, innovation and longevity – is they find themselves working with the best in hospitality, retail, property, automotive, wellness, culture & arts. As a curatorial consultancy and creative partner resolute in pushing forward.