Welcome to Walpole

Introducing Heirlooms, our latest Walpole member

Learn a little more about our new Walpole member, bespoke linen manufacturers, Heirlooms, in our interview with the West Sussex-based bed, table and bathroom linen house's Managing Director, Ruth Douglas
6th Dec 2023
Welcome to Walpole Introducing Heirlooms, our latest Walpole member

In 1984, Heirlooms began manufacturing bespoke luxury linens in a workshop in West Sussex. Since then, the brand has provided private jets, superyachts, and palaces with linens of exceptional quality and lasting beauty, achieving recognition from Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for its dedicated to her service, and The Prince of Wales, for its sustainable practices. These accolades make Heirlooms the the only linen company to have been awarded both Warrants.

Learn a little more about our latest addition to the Walpole family in our interview with the Managing Director of Heirlooms, Ruth Douglas...

Ruth Douglas, Managing Director, Heirlooms

Walpole: Tell us about the history of your brand…

Ruth Douglas: Rooted in the West Sussex countryside, Heirlooms is a quintessentially British manufacturer with an outstanding team of craftspeople who design and make beautiful linens for homes, boutique hotels, private jets, superyachts and palaces.

For over 40 years we have remained true to our founding principles, combining the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create linens of exceptional quality. Such is our expertise and love of our craft, we are now regarded within the design industry as one of the world’s leading linen manufacturers.

What is your brand best known for?

With a strong creative element, Heirlooms is unique in what we can offer our clients in terms of creativity and breadth of fabrics to suit all tastes. The ultimate goal is to design and manufacture exceptional products that complement and enhance the overall interior décor.

Our vast experience collaborating with leading yacht and residential designers has cumulated in an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to make the journey of linen design an easy and enjoyable one. Quality of materials and creativity are two key pillars. Of equal importance are the incredible skills within our dedicated manufacturing team. That sense of pride is reflected in the craftsmanship and teamwork that goes into every product and social responsibility is at the heart of the company.

As a creative company there is a continual air of excitement as new designs take shape, even for a team which is used to seeing the extraordinary. This sense of pride with which each tailor creates each piece, is what makes Heirlooms so special.

What has been a significant achievement in your company’s timeline?

Our first significant achievement was being awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; it was a huge honour and a privilege to have served her over the years. Through our demonstration of sustainable practises, we were awarded a further warrant to The Prince of Wales in 2012, meaning we have been the only linen company to have been awarded both warrants. This exclusive recognition bears testament to our commitment to quality, luxury, and tradition, while solidifying our reputation as a trusted provider of heirloom-worthy linens.

Why do you love the brand?

Heirlooms is such a unique brand in terms of the creativity and quality of manufacture that goes into each product. You can feel the love in every stitch and the feedback we receive from our clients means so much to us. Such customer engagement propels our desire broaden our audience so that they, too, can experience what it is like to sleep in the luxury of Heirlooms linens. We love that we can make such a difference to our client’s comfort and wellbeing.

Our clients would happily testify that there is no better feeling than to slip between soft sheets in the knowledge that their linens are made with the utmost attention to crafting a perfect night's sleep.

Why does your brand represent the very best in British luxury?

In keeping our manufacturing facilities on the south coast of England, Heirlooms has successfully demonstrated a commitment to the development of British manufacturing, jobs, and skills, while also achieving strong sales and expanding our brand outside of the UK. Through investments, training, and education, we have not only preserved traditional skills but also nurtured a new generation of artisans. Meanwhile, our global success is a testament to the brand's ability to adapt and to cater to the diverse tastes of international customers, all while proudly flying the flag of British craftsmanship.

What attracted you to becoming a Walpole member?

Heirlooms is a huge supporter of British manufacturing and innovation and we want to ensure that future generations are inspired to continue this heritage. We have long been an admirer of Walpole and the role they actively play in promoting British luxury brands globally; we share common values in terms of excellence, creativity, quality, and above all in our client-focussed attitude.

The nature of Heirlooms business is one of collaboration and we are passionate about continually looking to the future and striving for excellence in everything we do. We are now at the stage of our brand development whereby we can both be a recipient of collaborations with likeminded companies. and learn from their expertise. as well as being a contributor in supporting each other’s business aspirations of reaching a wider global audience.

If you could collaborate with another Walpole member, which one would you choose (and what would you like to do)?

I have such a huge passion for business innovation and development and cannot think of a more exciting group to be part of to deliver exceptional products and services to each other’s clients. There are plenty of members within Walpole with whom we would love to collaborate whether hospitality or merely promoting each other’s brands to our respective client base safe in the knowledge their experience will be a truly pleasurable and uplifting one.

We are already privileged to work with one of the world’s leading bed manufacturers, Savoir Beds, with whom we have amazing synergies in terms of manufacturing excellence, and our aligned ethos and core values. I am sure that they can testify we are a company who highly value such collaborations and make it enjoyable at the same time.

Tell us about an exciting development or new launch for your brand in the coming months?

Our new website will be launched in December to facilitate consumers ability to connect with our brand through a new e-commerce platform, which shall make worldwide sales and shipping even easier for current and new clients.

As part of raising our consumer brand profile, on 6th December we are launching a collaboration with India Hicks at fellow Walpole member hotel, The Lanesborough. The collection, which features a beautiful range of bed linens and accessories, will be our first such designer collaboration – it has been so enjoyable for all involved. We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our weave mills with whom we have wonderful relationships.

Whilst we have a lot of very exciting projects over the coming year on land, sea and air, it will be our pleasure to introduce Walpole’s clients to a world of luxurious bed linens made by our incredibly skilled and passionate team.

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