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Love in the time of Coronavirus x Walpole Collaboration

Johnstons of Elgin x Freight Brokers

12th May 2020
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Love in the time of Coronavirus x Walpole Collaboration  Johnstons of Elgin x Freight Brokers

London may be almost 600 miles from Elgin in the far north of Scotland, but distance proved no barrier to Walpole logistics partner Freight Brokers moving for free scrubs made by luxury cashmere manufacturer Johnstons of Elgin to assist local medical and care staff.

The Johnstons mill in Elgin is world-renowned for its high-quality weaving, but in response to the current crisis the company converted its very small sewing unit to make scrubs for local hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, care homes and other facilities on the front line in the battle against COVID-19.

Johnstons CEO Simon Cotton said: “The first prototypes we made in late April were in superfine merino wool fabric, which was beautiful, if a little impractical. We are cashmere weavers normally, so sewing polyester-cotton fabric is something new for us, but we wanted to help. About 10 of our colleagues are involved in the production, which has proved very popular locally. We are donating our output – about 20 sets a day at present – to the local NHS and similar facilities.”

Johnstons was delivering the scrubs as well until London-based courier Freight Brokers stepped in and took over that job for free. It is now collecting parcels from the Elgin mill and delivering them to the local recipients.

“It’s been a great help as the demand for the scrubs is increasing,” says Simon.

Freight Brokers is committed to moving each month 2,000 parcels of PPE material from UK-based manufacturers to NHS hospitals, distribution centres and anywhere else it is required. The first-come first-served offer is open to Freight Brokers clients and non-clients alike.

“It’s an honour to work with Johnstons of Elgin and other fine companies on this project to support our frontline heroes at the NHS and other care services,” says Charles Keisner, managing director of Freight Brokers.