Helen Brocklebank


Helen Brocklebank is the Chief Executive of Walpole.

Immediately before joining Walpole, she ran a content agency for luxury brands, but built her career – as well as her passion for British Luxury – in publishing, working on Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE and other iconic media brands. In October 2017. She was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 150 Visionary Women.

Speaker Events

Miss Dior: A Story of Courage & Couture

9th Sep 2021
18:30 - 21:30

An evening sponsored by The Dovetail Agency, a proud partner of Walpole. 

Join Justine Picardie and Walpole for dinner at The Connaught to celebrate the launch of Justine’s latest book, Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture.

Miss Dior tells the untold story of Christian Dior’s enigmatic and beloved younger sister, Catherine, who inspired his most famous perfume and shaped his vision of femininity. During the Occupation in World War Two, whilst Christian Dior honed his couture skills in Paris, Catherine dedicated herself to the French Resistance, until her capture by the Gestapo and subsequent deportation to Ravensbruck concentration camp. In this moving and masterly follow up to Coco Chanel, The Legend and The Life, Picardie shines new light on the foundations of Christian Dior’s extraordinary legacy, and reveals how the now iconic ‘New Look’ emerged out of the shadows of his sister’s suffering.

6.30pm - Champagne Reception
7pm - Justine Picardie in conversation with Walpole CEO Helen Brocklebank followed by Q&A
7.45 pm - Dinner
9.30/10pm - Carriages

Places for the evening are limited by the capacity of the room, and tickets are charged at £65 plus Eventbrite fees to include a hard back copy of Justine’s book. All profits will go to the NSPCC.

 Please RSVP  and we will send you the Eventbrite page and password by return.

Walpole Future of British Luxury Summit 2021

6th Sep 2021
09:00 - 17:00

Early bird member tickets are priced from £350 + VAT & fees.

Early bird non member tickets are priced from £600 + VAT & fees.


Ticket numbers strictly limited due to Covid safety - BOOK NOW to guarantee your place & to take advantage of early bird pricing.

Join the opinion leaders and rising stars defining the future of British luxury at Walpole’s ‘Future of British Luxury Summit’, in association with Facebook, ESW and TONG. Open to Walpole members and non-members.

Luxury is set for its biggest ever bounce back - according to analysts, by 2025, the global luxury market could reach €370B, an increase of €150B in 2020. But how can British luxury brands take advantage of that potential? Who will be the winners and the losers? And what lessons have been learned after 18 months of the pandemic?

With unique insights, exclusive analysis and cutting-edge research as well as compelling speakers, keynotes and panelists, the Walpole Future of British Luxury Summit is back.

This event will be held at The Londoner Hotel. Please note: all safety precautions will be taken to ensure all spaces are Covid-safe. You can find more information on The Edwardian Hotels' Operating Procedures for a Safe Future here.

This year’s speakers so far:

 With more to be announced.

Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • New business models
  • Customer insight and engagement
  • Sustainability and diversity
  • The importance of cultural connection
  • The evolution of retail and the outlook for global travel

Join the business leaders and rising stars defining the future of British luxury by registering for the Walpole Summit now. 


Learning from the best

4th Aug 2021

Chapter 4: Ask the experts

So, the final chapter. Where, just like a tightly plotted bestseller, everything we’ve learned about luxury-sector storytelling comes together. 

And it all just makes sense.

This is chapter four of our Walpole and Woven masterclass - and, plot twist, we're putting you in charge of proceedings.

In our previous three sessions, we discussed how storytelling is a powerful commercial tool in the luxury sector. 

This time, Executive Creative Director Mark Bower and Founder Helen Darlington, will be taking your questions. You might want to know how your archetype can be shown in your branding. Or, in a year of dramatic digital transformation, how to ensure your storytelling keeps pace with your technology.

Join us for an hour of branding expertise and discover how well-crafted stories can become real commercial value. Make sure you have any burning questions ready so you can really get the most out of this final session.

These sessions are for Walpole members only and have limited spaces book your spot here - which is also where you can submit your questions. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Other sessions in the series:

Chapter 1
Archetypes 1.01 - explained how to position your brand using archetypes. This can now be viewed through past events. Watch the replay here. 

Chapter 2
Character Building - revealed how storytelling helps your brand stick in the minds of your target audience. This can now be viewed through past events. Watch the replay here. 

Chapter 3
Narratives become new business - In this chapter, we discussed how to combine the positioning power of archetypes with the commercial art of storytelling to create market cut-through, build customer loyalty, and do the most important thing of all – generate new business. This can now be viewed through past events. Watch the replay here. 

WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 3 - Narratives become new business

23rd Jun 2021

How do you turn your well-crafted brand story into a powerful commercial asset that stands out from the competition and wins a place in the heart of your customers?

Time to get comfortable, because Woven Agency’s Executive Creative Director, Mark Bower, is going to show you how it’s done.

Join Mark for chapter 3 of the 4-part series on how to grow your business through brand positioning and storytelling.

In this chapter, we’ll show you how to combine the positioning power of archetypes with the commercial art of storytelling to create market cut-through, build customer loyalty, and do the most important thing of all – generate new business.

Other sessions in the series:

Chapter 1: Archetypes 1.01 - explained how to position your brand using archetypes. This can now be viewed on the replays page.

Chapter 2: Character Building - revealed how storytelling helps your brand stick in the minds of your target audience. This can now be viewed on the replays page.

Chapter 4: Learning from the best - 28th July 2021. You've learned the mythology and the method, now we'll show you what a fantastic job looks like. These exquisite brands impress, inspire and offer the perfect prologue to your own story.

These sessions are for Walpole members only and have limited spaces - please email [email protected] to reserve your place.

We look forward to seeing you there.

MEMBER SOCIAL: Whisky and Chocolate Tasting with Gordon & MacPhail, The Highland Chocolatier and Woven

9th Jun 2021

The perfect brand experience? According to branding agency Woven, it’s where story and product combine. The story is the journey. It’s where we, as luxury brands, talk of history, uniqueness, provenance. It’s where we build intrigue, anticipation, and a sense of prestige. The product, then, is the destination. It’s a prize, a symbol of our sense of worth. And it’s a destination made all the sweeter because of the journey we’ve taken to get there.

The master storytellers at Woven bring you two master craftsman from the worlds of artisan chocolate and single malt whisky in a unique gastronomic experience.

Award-winning Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett’s leading work with Master Distillers over the last decade has placed him at the forefront of a food and drink pairing revolution. Stephen Rankin is Director of Prestige at Gordon & MacPhail who have been creating rare single malt Scotch whiskies with their unique experience for 126 years.

Rather than simply mixing ingredients, Iain and Stephen have created a special flight pairing rare single malt whiskies with Velvet Truffles which support, complement or highlight subtle characteristics often overlooked in each other. The unique experiences will excite connoisseurs and open a door to lovers of either whisky or chocolate.

Why Pair the Velvet Truffles with Whisky Pairing gourmet couverture chocolate and malt whisky is an exciting journey of discovery for lovers of either one. Smoky or roasted notes of cocoa, vanilla, fruit and spices or creaminess are found with the best malts and are also prevalent in the Velvet Truffles. A bad pairing will cheapen both, but a precise pairing combination heightens the experience and sheds extraordinary light on each – whisky vapours open up the palate to discover new characteristics of the Velvet Truffles and notes in the chocolate highlight or complement often unnoticed flavours in a fine malt.

Please note, this is a member only event with limited places. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining the session.

WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 2 - Character Building

2nd Jun 2021


Please note, this session is for members only

A great brand needs a great story. Here’s how to tell yours.

There are twelve brand archetypes — but which one are you? And how can you use it to tap into the power of storytelling, entrance your audience, and turn strangers into long-term brand advocates?

We’ve broken it down for you, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 2: Character Building

What makes an unforgettable story? What do Romeo & Juliet, Emma, David Copperfield, The Odyssey, Frankenstein - even Harry Potter - have in common? The secret of their enduring power depends on the archetypes they feature - characters built on a set of specific, identifiable traits - heroes or villains, explorers and innocents, lovers and creators. These kinds of character types are recognisable and relatable - they speak to us as individuals - they hold a mirror up to universal truths about human behaviour and build an emotional connection that can last a lifetime.

In this masterclass, hosted on Zoom, best-selling author and academic, Sarah Churchwell, talks about the four classic novels that taught her the art of storytelling and shares with us her thoughts on how the archetypes they contain have built characters that stay with you long after the final page has been turned.

Other sessions in the series:

Chapter 1: Archetypes 1.01 - can now be viewed on the replays page

Chapter 3: Narratives become new business - 23rd June 2021 How is a well-crafted brand story activated as a powerful commercial asset? This creative exploration by Mark Bower, Executive Creative Director at Woven Agency, will demonstrate where the rubber meets the road —and becomes revenue.

Chapter 4: Learning from the best - 28th July 2021 You've learned the mythology and the method, now we'll show you what a fantastic job looks like. These exquisite brands impress, inspire and offer the perfect prologue to your own story.

These sessions are for Walpole members only and have limited spaces - please email [email protected] to reserve your place.

SKILLS SESSION: Rathbones Financial Awareness Course

21st May 2021

Understanding investments can be like learning a different language. Investment professionals use terminology which, while native tongue to them, is often unrecognisable to those not in the investment community. At Rathbones, we believe in education to enhance your understanding of the wealth management environment. Once you understand your money, you are better equipped to make informed decisions. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how investments work, from the most basic cash deposit to more complex investment instruments. In this session, the experts at Rathbones will demystify the jargon and explain in plain English how these investments work and why you may wish to select them.

Course Content

The course has been designed to cover the following areas:

— Why invest? This section considers the consequences of investing versus staying in cash, compound returns, inflation and the cost of living.

— Asset Classes - from simple cash deposits to complex private equity investments, we consider how each asset class works in practice.

— Risk and Reward - here we delve into the jargon and provide clarity when considering what risk could mean for different types of investor.

— How to Invest - there are many ways to invest and many different services to select from. Here we explain these services and methods in detail.

— An Introduction to Financial Planning - an understanding of financial planning basics and how engaging the right professional can bring about positive

About Rathbones

Rathbones provides individual investment and wealth management services for private clients, charities, trustees and professional partners. We have been trusted for generations to manage and preserve our clients’ wealth. Our tradition of investing and acting responsibly has been with us from the beginning and continues to lead us forward. Our ambition is to be recognised as the UK’s most responsible wealth manager.

This event is open to members and non-members. Please email [email protected] to secure your place.

MEMBER SOCIAL: Whisky Tasting with The Lakes Distillery

19th May 2021

Join us for this Member Social as we explore how The Lakes Distillery showcase their whiskymaker’s maturation expertise along with the role of cask seasoning in flavour elevation with The Whiskymaker’s Reserve, their sherry-led, flavour-packed and wood-forward house style, and The Whiskymaker’s Editions, exceptional diversions showcasing the sense of adventure of their whiskymaker.

The Lakes’ Travis James will take guests through The Lakes’ story and whiskymaking ethos whilst exploring two Lakes Single Malt whiskies.

Please note, this session is for members only as there are limited spaces. To reserve your place, please email [email protected] before Wednesday 12th May.



WALPOLE WEBINAR: Pioneers Leading the Reuse, Resale and Rental Revolution

6th May 2021

At Walpole, our aim is for the UK to become the leader in sustainable luxury. It is an ambitious vision and we will support our community of 270 member businesses by helping them share the benefit of their passion, knowledge and expertise with each other, and by galvanising and facilitating collective action. Working with McKinsey & Company throughout 2019, conducting extensive consultation with industry experts, we developed our Sustainability Manifesto and strategy. The British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto defines the issues that matter most to our sector and stakeholders – circular economy innovation, environmental stewardship, supply chain excellence and workplace equality – and our 12 aspirations are designed to establish a pathway for future sustainability success. Importantly, they help member businesses fulfil the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, becoming part of the broader, global push for a fairer, more sustainable world.

In this Sustainability Session, we discuss the first of our Manifesto principles – leading the transition towards a circular economy – with three Walpole Brands of Tomorrow, past and present, who are already leading the way in the reuse, resale and rental markets; Sacha Newall, Founder of My Wardrobe HQ, Kresse Wesling, Founder of Elvis & Kresse; and Emily John, Co-Founder of The Restory. We will also be joined by McKinsey's Corinne Sawers.



WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 1 - Archetypes 101

28th Apr 2021

Please note, this session is for members only

A great brand needs a great story. Here’s how to tell yours.

Everyone loves a good story — sinking into our sofas, escaping into imaginary worlds, and putting real life on pause for a while.

But what makes certain stories so compelling? How do successful storytellers – from Spielberg to Tolkien — keep audiences entranced?

One key reason is their use of archetypes: characters and stories we relate to because — as psychoanalyst Carl Jung put it — they’re rooted in our subconscious. When storytellers use archetypal characters, we care about them because we’re all hardwired to immediately understand them.

Helping us to understand, relate, and care - that’s the power of archetypes. And that’s how successful brands use them, too.

Nike, for example, is an empowering Hero; Dyson a transformative Magician. Both harness the power of archetypes to forge strong, singular identities we all recognise and rally around.

And that’s how you can use them, too.

There are twelve brand archetypes — but which one are you? And how can you use it to tap into the power of storytelling, entrance your audience, and turn strangers into long-term brand advocates?

We’ve broken it down for you, chapter by chapter.

Join us on the 28th April at 5pm for a storytime you won’t soon forget.

Like any irresistible page-turner, each chapter of our event will keep you gripped for the next:

Chapter 1: Archetypes 101 - 28th April 2021 A fascinating crash course in Jungian archetypes and their timeless influence. That will forever change the way you see your brand today, what it may become in the future.

Chapter 2: Techniques of the Author - 2nd June 2021 The most spellbinding storytelling methods are rarely the most obvious. Let our author-in-residence peel back the curtain, showing you how to capture attention and keep it.

Chapter 3: Narratives become new business - 23rd June 2021 How is a well-crafted brand story activated as a powerful commercial asset? This creative exploration by Mark Bower, Executive Creative Director at Woven Agency, will demonstrate where the rubber meets the road —and becomes revenue.

Chapter 4: Learning from the best - 28th July 2021 You've learned the mythology and the method, now we'll show you what a fantastic job looks like. These exquisite brands impress, inspire and offer the perfect prologue to your own story.

These sessions are for Walpole members only and have limited spaces - please email [email protected] to reserve your place.



SKILLS SESSION: Seeking Harmony - Luxury Heritage Meets Digital Innovation with LiveArea

23rd Apr 2021

Lockdown closures, the absence of international tourism, and less-than-luxurious, mask-laden shopping experiences have compiled to alter the landscape of luxury retail. Luxury is shifting to digital at speed. Iconic labels must emulate the premium experiences they’ve created in-store, online.

If they are to appeal to the younger buyers of today and the future, brands must fully embrace digital. Retail networks must be redesigned, collections presented in new ways and customer engagement reconsidered.

So, how can brands redesign luxury shopping for new digital channels? Where are the opportunities now and in the future? What organisational changes must brands make to become truly consumer-centric?

Join LiveArea’s Benoit Soucaret, Marcel Borlin from Harvey Nichols, and Walpole's Chris Downham, as they explore how luxury brands are embracing these challenges. Benoit will share insights into the latest tools, technologies and trends brands are using to engage with modern clientele, plus how brands , can quickly iterate, trial and implement innovative online and in-store experiences.

WALPOLE WEBINAR: Unlocking the Luxury Traveller in 2021 – the Outlook for Travel & Hospitality

22nd Apr 2021

As the UK finally begins the process of re-opening with outdoor hospitality in mid-April, ahead of a full re-opening in mid-May, we talk to leaders in the travel industry about their outlook for hospitality and travel sector, both here in the UK and globally. In this session they will be sharing insights on the high-end traveller and how to engage them, the new trends emerging, and the critical factors to ensure successful re-openings.



WALPOLE SOCIAL: Virtual Biscuit Icing Class with Biscuiteers

7th Apr 2021

Biscuiteers is the original hand-iced biscuit company, known for its beautiful, luxury designs and distinct British feel. Guided by one of Biscuiteers’ expert icers, in this masterclass you’ll learn the skills used at the Ministry of Biscuits and finish the class with your very own egg-cellent biscuit decorations to create your very own springtime centrepiece.

This event is for Walpole members only, spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Please email [email protected] to reserve your place.

WALPOLE ROUNDTABLE: Sustainability in the Luxury Industry, a Deeper Dive

26th Mar 2021

Following on from Thursday’s Sustainability Report launch and webinar discussions, Walpolemembers are invited to join us for a roundtable deeper dive discussion on the key insights andissues across industry, within British luxury. This will be an interactive session–questions andconversation is encouraged, but you are also welcome to simply listen in. No matter what stageof your sustainability strategy you are in, this conversation will be incredibly useful to all. 

WALPOLE WEBINAR: Sustainability Report Launch – Insights from the British Luxury Sector

25th Mar 2021

In 2020, we launched the Walpole British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto: an ambitious and comprehensive aim to support the British luxury sector in lowering carbon emissions, reducing environmental impacts, and ensuring more sustainable future growth. Since launch, 70 Walpole members have joined founding signatories Burberry, Mulberry, dunhill, Johnstons of Elgin, The Savoy and Chivas Brothers in support of the manifesto – all of whom share an ambition to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world.

A central pillar of the British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto was to create category-specific Working Groups, bringing together the sustainability leads across the Walpole membership with a goal to enable collaboration, share experience and best practice, combine resources and align on areas of joint action with the mission of accelerating the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for luxury in the UK.

We are now delighted to share the key insights gained from these Working Groups through the launch of our Sustainability Report, which we will discuss in this webinar with our panel of speakers: Anna Bartle, Estee Lauder Group; Charlotte O'Sullivan, Mulberry; and Sam Dent, House of Hackney. Join us as we revisit the four pillars in the Walpole Manifesto, and how brands are working towards achieving their goals, one step at a time.

MEMBER SOCIAL: A Spring Table Dressing Workshop with Moriarty Events

24th Mar 2021

Let Moriarty guide you through setting an opulent Spring feasting table, using a contemporary color palette for what you have at home, creating a gorgeous at home dining setting. Founder, George, will show you how to use candles, napkins, ribbons and glassware/plates from your own collection to arrange that extra special placement. The Moriarty floral team will then show you how to create stunning table centers, filled with a gorgeous selection of seasonal flowers and plants, which they will deliver to you the day of the session (Central London only), to work on at home. We will also be sending you a “kit list” of what you need for your session to make an extra special tablespace at home yourself.

Please note, this is a member only event and there are limited places. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend and we will get back to you to confirm your place.



WALPOLE WEBINAR: International Women’s Day Special - Celebrating Walpole’s Female Founders

11th Mar 2021

Today, 75% of Walpole's Brands of Tomorrow are either founded or co-founded by women: animpressively high proportion. What is it about British luxury that means new, female-led brandsthrive? Why have so many women chosen to start their own luxury business? And what can allwomen in luxury learn from these amazing pioneers?

Women in Luxury | Lift As You Climb: Viv Groskop in Conversation with Helen Brocklebank

3rd Mar 2021

How are we supposed to stay connected to our career goals during a pandemic? How can we be ambitious whilst supporting others? And would it be better to just hide under a rock until all this is over?

Writer, comedian and radio and television presenter Viv Groskop says women can be ambitious and climb to the top while at the same time helping others along the way and not losing their sense of self. Her new book Lift As You Climb: Women, Ambition and How to Change the Story is about goal-setting in tough times, being creative in managing your career and mastering the art of mentoring and peer support, especially at a time when women’s working lives are uniquely threatened.

In her latest book, Viv argues that it is possible for women to balance ambition and compassion. She looks at what sisterhood means today and asks what women can do to make things better for other women and offers guidance on how to do that without disadvantaging yourself — even during a pandemic.

Join us on the 3rd March as we talk to Viv about her latest book and what it means to be a strong, successful and supportive woman in these strange times.

This is a ticketed event for members and non-members - please ensure you have purchased a ticket on the tickets page to ensure access to the event.

Please note, the £10 ticket price does not include a copy of the book.



WALPOLE WEBINAR: The Art of Direct Mail in Engaging the Luxury Consumer

25th Feb 2021

The past 10 months have seen luxury brands take a 10-year leap in terms of their digital strategies – but what impact is this having on customers? Can brands still effectively share their stories and communicate their core values in this over-saturated virtual space?

In response, many brands are now turning to more traditional techniques to grab (and keep) customers’ attention, with print collateral – particularly direct mail – chief among these.

Print has always been a real strength for luxury brands – the fact that customers can hold the communication in their hands: feel it, store it, and come back to it, gives print a level of credibility and believability that other channels can’t achieve. Furthermore, direct mail’s effectiveness at capturing consumer’s attention and driving them to purchase is compelling – with research showing that 92% of direct mail is opened, and 48% of UK adults take action after receiving direct mail. (Compare these stats to the open rates of your last digital mail out, for example.)

To find out more, join Walpole partner Pureprint Group, and JICMail who will present new research on direct mail and its effectiveness, including insights into how the changing environment and events of 2020-1 have influenced consumer behaviour.

The webinar will also provide valuable insights in to how to engage your customers through direct mail, and we'll hear from brands who will discuss how print and direct mail has worked for them - speakers to be announced.



WALPOLE WEBINAR: Contemporary Craft: A Global Movement in the Making

18th Feb 2021

The total value of British craft sales increased from £883m in 2006 to over £3b in 2019, and the number of contemporary fine craft buyers has increased by almost 280% in the last 12 months, according to global platform Artsy.net. The pandemic has propelled an underlying trend to acquire the unique and handcrafted – with Millennials the driving force.

Ahead of the 17th edition of the Craft Council’s International Art Fair for Modern Craft & Design, Collect, 26th February – 2nd March, join Walpole and a panel of experts to explore the commercial opportunity contemporary craft represents off the back of new research and how luxury brands can, and should, support this valuable market.

The Crafts Council would like to invite all attendees to the VIP Preview of Collect on e 24th & Thursday 25th February - please find the invite to the right of the page, along with the full Market for Craft report.

WALPOLE WEBINAR: Negotiating for the Modern World, Across Borders and Barriers

11th Feb 2021

With Covid shrinking our physical world, shuttering our businesses and sending our people home – and Brexit altering the open borders we have come to rely on – the importance of negotiation (with everyone from overseas suppliers and banks to landlords and bosses) to manage and overcome these two global challenges has never been so visible.

Good negotiation contributes significantly to business success, helping you build better relationships and deliver lasting, quality solutions while avoiding future problems and conflicts. But how do you ensure your negotiation behaviour results in these outcomes for your brand?

And from a personal perspective, how does working from home impact on your relationship with co-workers and bosses? How are you able to negotiate salary increases or promotions for you and your team with far less ‘face time’ with the decision makers?

Join us as we speak to experts, Mark Grice and Steph Green from Total Negotiation, and Walpole member, Tracey Greaves from Goodwood, as we discuss negotiating in these unusual times.

Following on from this session, Walpole and Total Negotiation will be offering a schedule of negotiation support: workshop sessions and webinars focused on tips and advice to negotiate the ongoing challenges of 2020 into 2021. These sessions will include:

• Women in business – how to manage and succeed • Negotiating across borders while respecting cultural differences • Preparing your commercial teams to progress from aggressive negotiating into creating sustainable, long-term agreements • Rent negotiations – how to be brilliantly prepared

Look out for further details on these sessions on the Daily Digest.

Women in Luxury | Clothes… and other things that matter: Alexandra Shulman CBE in conversation with Helen Brocklebank

28th Jan 2021

What stories do our clothes tell? What do they mean to us? Join the former editor of British Vogue for a self-deprecating, honest and moving reflection of her life to date, as she discusses her new book with Walpole CEO Helen Brocklebank, on Tuesday 17th November at 5pm, via Zoom, as part of Walpole's Women in Luxury programme.

‘As I thought about what to do with the clothes, I became more interested in what the different items had meant to me. About why I had bought them. What I hoped I might feel wearing them. Why some things I had bought again and again. Why we wear the things we wear and why some we keep and get rid of others. Which we attach an emotional value to and why. And what could be said about the world we live in by looking at the clothes we wear.’ – Alexandra Shulman

From the bra to the bikini, the trench coat to trainers, the slip dress to the suit, clothes are rarely just clothes. Former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman explores their meaning in our lives and in her own – considering how our wardrobes intersect with the career ladder, motherhood, romance, sexual identity, failure, body image and celebrity.

Tickets are £20 for members and non-members and include a copy of Alexandra’s book, with all profits from the ticket sales going to the NSPCC.

Please note: books will be sent out regularly, however we cannot guarantee they will be delivered before the event date if purchased after Wednesday 11th November.

WALPOLE WEBINAR: Are HENRYs taking a new approach to luxury? Is Covid-19 changing attitudes?

21st Jan 2021

A common perception is that the next generation of consumers have a very different perception to luxury - but is this true?

To help understand this, The Economist Group conducted two surveys (pre/mid-covid) to better understand the changing landscape of luxury consumption amongst high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and the high earning, not rich yet (HENRYs).

Join Walpole and Jamie Credland from The Economist as we take a look at these research findings. We will then be joined by Kiran Haslam, CMO of Princess Yachts and Paul Condron, Brand Director of The Macallan, to discuss how they communicate to their consumers in the ever-changing landscape of luxury consumption.


13th Jan 2021

After months of uncertainty over the shape of a future Brexit deal or the alarming prospect of no deal at all, a final agreement between the UK Government and the European Union was announced on Christmas Eve. Walpole takes a look at what this new deal means for British luxury, how businesses are preparing for the months ahead and responding to this new era and establishing new relationships with existing trading partners.

Join us to hear from Russell Antrim, Head of EU Negotiations at the CBI; Iain Prince, Associate Partner, Operational Transformation and Supply Chain at KPMG, Lorenzo Rossetti, Director KPMG UK Trade & Customs Practice at KPMG, moderated by Charlotte Keesing, Walpole’s Director of Corporate and International Affairs.

Please find the KPMG Deal Impact Assessment Presentation available in the Media section on this page.

WEBINAR 20: An Update on the Tax Free Shopping Situation

26th Nov 2020

HMT announced in September this year that the VAT RES (tax-free shopping) scheme will end on 31 December, as the UK exits the European Union. In this session our panelists give their analysis of the impacts to UK business and Chancellor’s response so far to calls from the retail, hospitality, airline and manufacturing sectors to overturn this decision. They will give an overview of the impacts on their particular sectors or brand; reflect on the long-term consequences for Global Britain – including its competitiveness, reputation around the world, retail environment of the future; and – most crucially - the impact of removing the scheme on jobs and visitor numbers.

WEBINAR 19: Consumers and the New Reality with KPMG

19th Nov 2020

In this session we take a look at the rise of the Chinese and ASEAN consumers along with the impact of digital technology and innovation. In the last few months, the KPMG team has been looking at the changing behaviours of 70,000 consumers across 12 geographies, and have some interesting feedback to share with attendees.



MEMBER INSIGHTS: The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

12th Nov 2020

While Covid-19 may define 2020 (and the decade), social movements like Black Lives Matter and issues around sustainability and inclusion are having just as profound an impact on individuals, brands and society as a whole. As we approach the end of the year, Walpole wants to open up the conversation on how our sector can work towards change - shining a light on the businesses embracing diversity and cultivating a strong, inclusive sense of brand purpose - as well as supporting the brands just beginning their journey.

The aim of this session is to provide guidance and support from experts on what we know is a complex journey, as brands move toward being more meaningful and authentic than ever before to a new socially and environmentally conscious consumer.

WEBINAR 17: US Election & Trade Tariffs

22nd Oct 2020

In a 'usual' year, Walpole and 20 of Britain's best-known luxury brands would this week be swapping London for New York City as we embark on our annual US Trade Mission. But despite not being physically in the US, the country remains front of the agenda with the 2020 election now less than a month away; the fifth round of US/UK Trade talks this week; and mounting trade tensions around the taxation of digital businesses - plus the fall out on our members of the big aircrafts trade war.

To help navigate this increasingly complex market, join Walpole, Hanover Communications, The Economist and BritishAmerican Business, as we discuss the latest insights into the election campaigns; the impact of a Trump or Biden Presidency on the UK/US trade talks and future deal - and what this might mean for our luxury goods markets; as well the latest developments and impact of the Boeing/Airbus Trade Dispute and the Digital Services Tax.

This webinar is free to members and cost £20 for non-members.

MEMBER INSIGHTS: Partnerships with Purpose with the NSPCC

15th Oct 2020

According to the conscious consumer spending index 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge of socially responsible behaviours, showing that buying from brands with purpose is rising in importance for customers. In this session, where we launch our partnership with the NSPCC, we bring together speakers from two Walpole brands, Harrods and Jo Malone London, as well as speakers from the NSPCC, to explore the social and commercial benefits of charitable partnerships and how it makes a difference to front line services at the NSPCC.

All proceeds from any tickets purchased for this session will go to the NSPCC.

Ten Years of TED: The Very Best of a Decade of TED Talks

2nd Oct 2020

The world-famous TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design), the home of Ted Talks, is held every year in Vancouver. Well, apart from this year. Unfortunately, along with seemingly everything else in 2020, TED was a victim of Covid-19 and cancelled.

However, that doesn’t mean that people should have to miss out on the innovative, world-changing ideas that TED has been providing. No one got to go to TED in 2020, but you can.

Harbour Strategy Partner, Kevin Chesters, has attended every TED Conference for the last ten years. This has meant that he has seen every main stage TED Talk given in that time (that amounts to over 1200 talks).

Kevin has put together a unique, personalised & exclusive presentation of the Very Best of TED 2009-2019 - get ready for the ultimate in information download, all in the space of an hour.

This session and recording are available for free to all Walpole members. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.