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Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin's is uncompromising in its commitment to delivering the highest quality Cashmere and Merino Wool designs, made to last for a lifetime. The family-owned brand's exquisite clothing, knitwear and accessories, and home interiors fabrics and throws, speak for themselves; the result of the finest craftsmanship, ground-breaking textiles innovation and the fruits of a rich history spanning more than two centuries. Established in 1797, Johnstons of Elgin have had plenty of time to perfect their craft. Every piece inside their unique collections exudes exceptional craftsmanship - the perfect balance between traditional techniques and modern artistry. State of the art equipment allows the brand to explore new fabrics in new weights and revolutionise their designs' comfort and drape. Cutting-edge Whole Garment Technology creates the most elegant pieces, made entirely without seams. The brand’s retail presence is a global one, with flagship stores in Edinburgh and London. While sustainability and circularity are increasingly important to businesses, they are more than just buzzwords to Johnstons of Elgin, who have worked with natural, biodegradable fibres since the brand’s inception. Since 2015, they have worked with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) to restore Mongolian grasslands, the source of much of their Cashmere fibres, and support projects ensuring the well-being of the animals and herders. Back in the UK, manufacturing in their own vertical mills gives Johnstons of Elgin control over their processes, and they are proud to wear the Made in Scotland label. The brand understands that true luxury can't be rushed, taking their time in all design and production stages to ensure long-lasting perfection for their customers. This dedication to Slow Luxury, and commitment to their long-standing quality-driven values, is what sets Johnstons of Elgin apart from their competitors and will see them deliver the next 200 years of excellence.  

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