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A Summer of Luxury

How are Britain's finest brands celebrating the sun? Get involved with our August campaign.


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The luxury sector’s response to the Brexit white paper

"Britain finally has a negotiating position for a post-Brexit partnership with the EU. The UK’s 98-page white paper, published on Thursday, seeks to recreate many aspects of the existing economic relationship between Britain and the EU for goods and services, short of the bloc’s free movement of people rules. On security, home affairs and participation in EU institutions, the document recognises the UK will not have a vote, but Britain still wants an active voice." - FT.com.

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What Walpole Does

  • Membership

    Walpole is the UK's only membership organisation for British luxury brands, providing a collective voice for 200 members.

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  • Events

    Walpole curates an extensive programme of events, including the prestigious annual Walpole British Luxury Awards

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  • Media Engagement

    Walpole raises the profile of the industry through media engagement, telling the story of British luxury worldwide

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  • Public Affairs

    Walpole amplifies the luxury sector on the political stage and through new research, ensuring it is protected and promoted

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  • Programmes

    Walpole nurtures the next generation of British luxury, through Brands of Tomorrow, Crafted and the Luxury Management Programme at LBS

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    Walpole's members are a unique alliance of diverse businesses, unified by their commitment to providing the highest standards of materials, quality, style, design, craftsmanship, creativity, service and innovation.

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    Latest News

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    Summer of Luxury
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    Summer of Luxury
    Summer of Luxury
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