Elegantes London

Elegantes is a niche perfumery committed to returning perfume back to its traditions whilst achieving perfection without compromise.

Founders of Elegantes, Thomas and Dagmar Smit, are known around the globe for their expertise in having established some of the world’s finest hotels.  Inspired by the many personalities they have met and by moments from their journeys around the world, this, and their passion for attention to detail inspired the creation of Elegantes London, the world’s rarest perfumery. A vision to drive and return perfume back to its traditions, to create a perfumery that transcends luxury without compromise.

From the conception in 2012, Elegantes, understood that creating the world’s rarest would require finding the world’s greatest. The ‘nose’ behind the perfumes is Julien Rasquinet, the very last prodigy of the legendary perfumer Pierre Bourdon.  Pierre selected Julien, as the last person he would impart his knowledge with, immediately prior to his retirement.  Pierre was responsible for perfumes that shaped the industry, including YSL Kouros and Cool Water by Davidoff, which has remained one of the most popular male perfumes for the last 15 years.

Julien was given an extremely unique brief by Thomas and Dagmar:  to create a collection of the finest and rarest perfumes, with no financial or time frame constraints.  The collection took over 4 years to perfect. Elegantes is positioned at the very top of the niche, prestige perfume market and attracts global guests through its retail partnerships where there continues to be strong and consistent growth in both sales and distribution. Elegantes is dedicated to growth creating new products in addition to launching in other key cities including New York, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Elegantes delivers a unique and exquisite experience for guests, proving that those who understand ‘Life with Style’ does indeed exist, for those looking for something which goes ‘Beyond First’.