FBC London

FBC London are a luxury handcrafted furniture brand that also represents curated objects, feature lighting and wall-panelling in their retail space on the prestigious Pimlico Road.

The furniture is predominantly manufactured in the North-East of England by a variety of artisans and craftsmen, combining traditional and modern techniques with an assortment of materials and finishes.

Exploring the intimacy of the design process and craft drives the influence and narrative of FBC London. Founded by internationally acclaimed interior designer, Fiona Barratt-Campbell, in 2013. Impeccably crafted, meticulously detailed, and luxuriously defined, the FBC London collections are crucial pieces in contemporary design.

Fiona’s designs are born of a passion to create pieces inspired by history and the natural world. They are timeless in their simple elegance, luxurious in their materials, quality of finishing and attention to detail. Pieces often contrast between heavy and traditional, such as marble and bronze, and lighter materials, such as glass. Textured surfaces of antique brass or chipped oak are used to evoke textures found in the natural world.

“Inspired by history and the natural world, my designs are born of a passion to create pieces of timeless elegance, luxurious in their diverse and craftsman uniting modern and traditional techniques with a variety of materials and textures.” Fiona Barratt-Campbell