Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack looks across history to find inspiration for her one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery. She draws on tradition while remaining resolutely contemporary.

In her eyes, every diamond tells a story, one that expresses lives and loves, family and history. Her bespoke jewels weave together the personality of the wearer, the character of the stones and the creative journey they have taken together, telling a tale that can be handed down through generations. They make new memories.

A self-taught jewellery designer, Jessica grew up in New Zealand playing amidst the vintage jewellery and antiques of her father’s auction house, while surrounded by the wild beauty of her native landscape. Art and nature, past and present – and a dash of irreverent informality – all infuse her creative approach to diamonds and jewellery.

She designs every piece with an eye and an ear for people’s personal stories and interprets these in a series of hand-drawn sketches. She then oversees the creation of each piece in her on-site workshop, where craftsmen trained in traditional techniques make every jewel by hand.

It is this creative flair and personal touch that first drew Rachel Slack to Jessica. For years she had been seeking a designer to turn the exquisite Millennium Diamond, a gift from her grandfather Harry Oppenheimer, into a one-of-a kind piece. A businesswoman and scion of the family famous for its association with De Beers, Rachel had been raised on stories of her mother and grandmother taking their best stones to the legendary designers of their day to transform them into wearable works of art. She longed to discover that same glamour and mystique for her own generation – strong, independent women like her, more likely to dress down than up, yet always in search of the exceptional.

Rachel and Jessica became firm friends and later joined forces with Michael Rosenfeld, the third element of the trio that brought Jessica McCormack Diamonds to life. Michael, an art collector and third generation diamantaire, has a trained eye for rarity and quality. He spotted Jessica’s talent over a decade ago, after she had finished an internship at Sotheby’s jewellery department, and has supported her work from its bohemian beginnings in a Clerkenwell studio to the Mayfair house where Jessica McCormack is now based. He sources the stones of character for which she is known and, with a lifetime’s expertise in the field, he provides direct access to the best diamonds in the world, ensuring that quality, beauty and value always remain at the core of Jessica McCormack.

Jessica, Rachel and Michael came together because of a shared passion for diamonds. They seek to create jewels that are as extraordinary as the diamonds themselves, each piece representing a personal journey, a love story, a moment that deserves to be marked. This is why they chose to be based not in a shop, but in a house, which could be seen as their silent partner. Their grand 19th-century townhouse in the heart of Mayfair, with interiors designed by Jessica, has an air of intimacy and otherworldliness that welcomes visitors. Filled with Michael’s collection of art and antiques and a library of books chosen by all three, their house has a personality all its own and invites guests to step into another era. Its comfortable spaces encourage conversations, while the natural light and secret garden enable guests to see diamonds by day. Every room engages the senses and whisks visitors out of their everyday world, asking them to look closely at each piece, savour the moment and take pleasure in jewellery, diamonds and art. These values may seem to belong to a bygone time, but for Jessica McCormack they remain a vital part of the present.