Timorous Beasties

Established in 1990 in Glasgow by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties are renowned for their distinctive style and the quality of their printed fabrics, wallpapers, and interior products.

Timorous Beasties hand-print their wallpapers and fabrics, but also work with other manufacturers to produce lace, jacquards, lighting, rugs and ceramics.  They have produced successful collections for Brintons Carpets and collaborated with brands such as Nike and Famous Grouse.

Timorous Beasties’ work embodies a unique diversity of pattern, ranging from design that echoes a golden age of copperplate engraving (a time-honoured classic is the Thistle range; or Merian Palm superwide wallpaper) to example of a distinctly edgy nature, an elegant transgression, a display of chic irreverence. Yet, the studio fully engages a design discourse with textiles history by lending an aesthetic evolution to time-honoured motifs.